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Overwatch is getting a second hero in the Junkrat Asher hero

Overwatch 2 is closer to its release and some heroes may be nerfed before the official release. Junker Queen’s impact may not be as great in the upcoming Overwatch update.



Several heroes in Overwatch 2 are likely to be nerfed before the game’s release. Director Aaron Keller confirmed on Twitter that Junker Queen would be toned down for OW2.

Greetings, friends and family! After analyzing data from recent @overwatchleague matches and our own internal playtests, the hero team has decided to reduce Junker Queen’s overall strength. The update will go live after Summer Showdown and be part of the official launch of #Overwatch2. According to Aaron Keller (@aaronkellerOW) On this date in 2022:

When it came to damage, the Junker Queen was unrivaled and incredibly difficult to kill. Blizzard has decided to weaken Junker Queen after considering player feedback and internal playtests, concluding that the hero is too powerful.

Director Aaron Keller has stated that changes will be made to reduce Junker Queen’s overall power, but has not specified what those changes will be. To play Overwatch 2, players will have to wait until October 4, 2022. The specifics of the upcoming nerfs to Junker Queen’s damage and/or mobility are currently unknown. The beta updates brought significant changes to other heroes, so we should expect the same here.

If there are significant changes to the Junker Queen’s nerf, the developers will be open to hearing from players and receiving their feedback in the public forums. The 2022 Summer Showdown tournament will be held in the meantime, giving players one last chance to witness the mighty Junker Queen in action.

There will be adjustments made after the 2022 Summer Showdown tournament. On October 11, 2022, Toronto will play host to the tournament.