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Parties with a difference for Halloween are set to happen in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends community saw one of their favorite skins in 2021. The community is hoping it will come back soon as well.



Apex Legends: Hunted skins for a Halloween event in 2022 may be arriving shortly.

The Monsters Within Thematic Event, which featured four Legendary Legend skins and five Epic Legend skins, was introduced to the Apex Legends community in 2021.

HYPERMYST, a well-known leaker, claims that players can anticipate more of the same in October.

Halloween-themed skins for Apex Legends 2022 appear to have leaked

It looks some of the impending Halloween-themed event skins have already begun to emerge in the Apex Legends game files, as reported on Twitter and YouTube by HYPERMYST.

As of right now, “Inner Demon” Ash, “Bladed Wanderer” Seer, and an unknown Revenant skin have all been identified.

There will be more than just these Halloween skins this year. The user HYPERMYST (@HYPERMYSTx) 16 August 2022

For Seer and Revenant, this would be their second Halloween offering, while Ash would be making their debut.

While the unidentified Revenant skin appears to be a recolor of the Synthetic Nightmare’s “Necro Nightmare” skin from the Monsters Within event, Ash and Seer’s offers seem to be striving for a badass samurai vibe.

While HYPERMYST was unable to confirm a specific window for the collection’s release, based on the previous year’s event, we would anticipate Respawn Entertainment to do so in late October.

This year’s Apex Legends Halloween event has yet to receive an official announcement from Respawn.

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