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Don’t want to break your Lewdle streak today? Here is the solution if you can’t think of it!



Similar to Wordle, Lewdle is a word-guessing game where all of the words are inappropriate for work (NSFW: Not safe for work). The rules are the same; you have to guess a 5-6 letter word within six tries. By clicking on the lightbulb, you do receive a suggestion, but it only directs you to the placement of 1 letter.

If you want to avoid breaking your streak, but don’t want the solution right away, here are some clues that can help you guess the answer.


The Lewdle answer for August 22 is: BUTTS

Lewdle uses the following example of the word:

Plural of butt. I enjoy huge butts, and you other brothers can’t deny that you feel sprung when a girl enters with a tiny waist and a round object in your face. President Gerald R. Ford inaugural address, August 9, 1974

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