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Please Put This 20,000-RPM Cosworth F1 Engine in Your Car

It would be a near-impossible project, sure, but at the end, your car would have a 20,000-rpm Cosworth F1 engine.



Cosworth’s DFV line of Formula 1 engines is legendary, having contributed to the victories of twelve different drivers’ championships. Their engine from 2005-2013 was a footnote in that history, a fruitless effort to supply engines for teams without a manufacturer connection, but it did rev to 20,000 RPM. That’s what makes this Cosworth CA for sale on Collecting Cars so appealing.

Put another way, this is either the sketch for a future work of motor racing sculpture or a quote for a lengthy project costing thousands of dollars. There are still five days left to place a bid on the engine, which has reached $2100 so far. Tell us about the vehicle you plan to install the freshly polished motor into if you’re interested in doing the job.

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