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President Donald Trump Wounded Republican Nominee John McCain

Representative Liz Cheney called for Americans to unite regardless of party affiliation to keep Donald Trump from winning in 2020.



The (Bloomberg) Following her humiliating loss to a primary opponent sponsored by the former president on Tuesday, Republican Representative Liz Cheney urged Americans to come together across party lines to prevent Donald Trump from obtaining the White House again.

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Following the 2020 election, Cheney, who has held Wyoming’s lone US House seat for three terms, made a point of conceding defeat to conservative lawyer Harriet Hageman on Tuesday. Cheney has frequently lambasted Trump for never doing this.

Speaking to supporters as the sun sank over the neighboring Teton Mountain range, Cheney warned that the country was in danger due to the US Capitol uprising on January 6 and the Republican Party’s failure of Trump and other leaders to quell the rage behind it.

She blamed Trump directly, saying, “Our country is barreling once more toward a catastrophe of lawlessness and violence.” “I’ve stated since January 6 that I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Donald Trump never again steps foot inside the Oval Office, and I mean it,” she continued.

Prior to defying Trump, Cheney was a rising Republican star. The political costs for Cheney’s resistance rose after she voted to impeach Trump following the attack on the Capitol by a mob of his supporters. She was condemned by the Wyoming Republican Party, which also demanded her resignation. Then, after being accused of deserting the party by her colleagues, she was ousted from her position as the third-ranking House Republican leader.

As a result, she lost to Hageman on Tuesday by a two-to-one ratio with 50% of the ballots counted. Cheney didn’t indicate what would happen next in her concession speech, but she made it clear that she wasn’t leaving the political scene. As vice head of the committee looking into the former president’s involvement in the Capitol uprising, she will continue to have a venue for her campaign against Trump until January.

Cheney argued that no post was worth violating the democratic ideals on which the US was founded. He cited Republican president Abraham Lincoln, who led the US through the American Civil War.

“I won this primary two years ago with 73% of the vote. I might have easily done the same thing again,” she admitted. But doing so would have compelled me to support President Trump’s fabrication regarding the 2020 election. I would have had to support his continued efforts to undermine our republic’s founding principles and our democratic system. I could not and would not go down that road.

“Wyoming has put the elites on notice – we are no longer going to tolerate legislators who don’t represent us,” Hageman stated in her speech.

Since Wyoming consistently votes Republican, the victor of the GOP primary can almost certainly expect to win the general election.

In a post on his Truth Social website, Trump referred to Hageman’s victory as a “total repudiation” of the Jan. 6 committee and a “great result for America.”

The latest example of Trump’s control over the Republican Party is Cheney’s defeat. Only two of the ten House Republicans who supported Trump’s impeachment following the uprising in the US Capitol last year made it beyond their primaries to the general election ballot in November. Cheney is the fourth candidate to lose, and four are leaving office.

Cheney was the most prominent and persistent of the 10, putting forward the argument that the Republican Party needed to hold Trump responsible for the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and reject him as a threat to the nation’s democratic order and the Constitution.

“At the heart of the attack on Jan. 6 is a readiness to embrace dangerous conspiracies that undermine the very core premise of our nation,” Cheney stated, “that lawful elections reviewed by the court when necessary, confirmed by the states, and the electoral college determine who serves as president.”

In an open call to Wyoming Democrats to temporarily switch parties and support her in the Republican primary, Cheney, a former supporter of Trump and a conservative on the majority of social and security policy issues, had been openly endorsing these candidates. But it was never likely that there would be enough Democrats doing it.

In a state where registration data show Republicans outnumber Democrats by nearly 5-to-1, Hageman’s primary victory all but guarantees her victory in the general election in November.

Cheney might be considering a presidential candidacy in 2024, according to several rumors that have surfaced in both Wyoming and Washington. According to her spokesperson, Jeremy Adler, Cheney has emphasized numerous times that she has not yet decided whether to make such a bid.

Cheney still had more than $7 million in her campaign account as of the most recent Federal Election Commission filings at the end of July.

2020 Race

Political scientist James King from the University of Wyoming stated he is unsure of Cheney’s chances of running for president in the Republican Party in 2024.

The Republican Party’s most conservative wing is closely aligned with Cheney’s policy ideas. Nevertheless, he warned that “the sin of not endorsing former President Trump on matters pertaining to the 2020 election would cause Trump followers in the electorate to choose a conservative candidate who did support Trump.”

Kathryn Valido, a Democrat who supported Cheney in Cheyenne, claimed that Cheney had raised some optimism over the possibility of bridging the nation’s partisan divide.

Liz has put our nation and constitution before politics, something that our representative government desperately lacks, according to Valido. According to her, the fact that she and other Democrats joined some Republicans and Cheney in their support “tells me her kind of leadership is possibly a path toward bipartisanship”

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