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Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton and Prince Louis announce their arrival on the London to Milan economy flight

Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton’s children took an economy flight to Scotland.



Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, Kate Middleton’s youngest children, surprised airline passengers by flying economy to Scotland with their mother.

Kate Middleton was spotted getting off a commercial flight in Scotland with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in a video that was uploaded to TikTok on Sunday night.

It is believed that Prince William and Prince George, then nine years old, made a separate trip to Scotland.

Also in the royal family’s news, Prince Charles has released a new fragrance that draws heavily on sentimental themes.

The user on TikTok who spotted Kate, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis captioned their post: “Kate Middleton, the two children, the nanny, and the security guard sat two rows in front of me on the flight to Scotland. Though a private plane or helicopter would be nice, we’ll stick with economy.”

Then they elaborated: “While in flight, she got up to get her daughter’s iPad. True, she was beautiful; she smiled at me as she turned to face the row behind her and speak to her son.” There were no photographers or videographers on board. Even though it was just a mom taking her kids on a trip to see grandma, the plane was buzzing with excitement.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend the last weeks of summer at the Balmoral estate, the Queen’s summer residence.

Since Queen Victoria’s acquisition of the estate, the royal family has celebrated the holidays there for many decades; Her Majesty has visited as a young princess, a young mother, and now as monarch.

Kate Middleton’s unconventional approach to royal parenting has won her widespread praise.

Recently, on the Channel 5 documentary Kate: Our Queen in Waiting, royal author Kate Nicholl said, “I think the brilliant thing about the Duchess of Cambridge is that she is bring a modern touch to the role, but while respecting all of the traditions that come with being a future Queen.””

The way they are raising their children is emulating Kate’s upbringing much more strongly than William’s, royal journalist Victoria Murphy added. It also provides numerous opportunities for connecting with the general public.

So this is why we adore you, Kate!