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Pronounced 10-year-old becomes world’s youngest trans model to walk New York Fashion Week runway

Noella began to transition at age 4, after therapy and became a girl. She is popular among her friends and gets many messages from other transgender children, who ask for advice.



A transgender child of 10 years old has made history at New York Fashion Week.

Noella, who began her transition when she was four years old, walked the runway for Trans Clothing Company designer Mel Atkinson. A number of years ago, when she was only ten, the young girl began her career as a model. She is now completely booked through the month of November 2022.

Dee and Ray McMaher expressed immense pride in their daughter’s accomplishment.

“When it comes down to it, Noella isn’t the type to get easily frightened. She’s a tiny expert in her field. She couldn’t wait to walk the catwalk and show off for the cameras and audience. She is a master of manipulating audiences “Dee, who works in event planning, put it like this.

Noella is well-liked by her peers and frequently receives messages from other transgender youth seeking guidance.

Her difficult toddler years, marked by frequent temper tantrums and a refusal to dress herself, are long behind her. The transition began when she was four years old and began attending gender affirming therapy.

Noella is too young, in the opinion of Dee and Ray, to begin the transition process. That’s why they’re encouraging her transition and helping her figure out who she is.

“As soon as we acknowledged this and let her be herself, she flourished. She legally changed her name when she was seven. It wasn’t long before she was walking the catwalk as a model, too. Seeing her accept herself completely has been a pure and incredible experience “stated Dee.