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Rainwater sweeps through flooded roads in Dallas

Heavy rainfall and flooding rains have inundated the Dallas area in Texas, turning streets into rivers of water and submerging cars.



As rain continues to lash the southwestern United States, intense downpour and flash floods have overwhelmed the Dallas area of Texas, turning roadways into rivers of water and sinking cars.

According to the National Weather Service, rainstorms started on Sunday evening as part of a “multi-day heavy rainfall event” in northern Texas. Two to five inches of rain are anticipated, with a few isolated spots of over 8 inches of rain being likely.

Later in the week, the lower Mississippi Valley is predicted to receive more rain, according to the weather agency.

Social media posts shocking images and videos of streets flooded to the window line and cars submerged in the water.

Early on Monday in downtown Dallas, far before morning rush hour, videos posted online showed the I-30 freeway to be swelled with water, with tractor trailer vehicles and cars stopped and some partially submerged.

I’ve been here for more than an hour. I nearly arrived at home, “Before 4 a.m. on Monday, Jimmy Dede Mccoy remarked in a video that was livestreamed on Facebook. “Everyone has already exited their stuck autos. But that’s (the I-30), heading downtown. It seems to be a river.”

For locations north of Interstate 20 in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, a flood watch is in force until Monday at noon local time. According to NWS, a second flood watch is in place through Monday evening for communities south of the highway.

“Rain is still falling, and Dallas County is currently experiencing dangerous flash flooding! AVOID using the roads if at all possible! “Early on Monday, the weather agency tweeted.

The weather service issued a “Turn around don’t drown” warning, advising citizens to avoid driving through flooded or barricaded roads, avoid flooding-prone areas, and take an alternate route to work on Monday morning.

Additionally, early on Monday, the Dallas Police Department tweeted, “Please avoid streets if at all possible. Everyone is urged to exercise caution by emergency services.

The rain gives drought-stricken Texas some much-needed relief, as the Dallas Fort-Worth area has received roughly 17 inches less rainfall than average over the past 12 months, according to the NWS.

Ten million people in six states in the Southern Plains were under alerts on Sunday.

The deluge occurs while 18 million people in the Southwest, from Arizona to New Mexico to Texas, were under flood alerts over the weekend.

In recent weeks, some of America’s driest regions have experienced heavy rains.

Firefighters in Tucson, Arizona, saved 21 adults and an infant from a rushing river canyon on August 12. In early August, sudden floods in Death Valley National Park in California left 1,000 people trapped.