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Reader’s Feature – PS Plus Premium turns into a joke in just two months

PlayStation Plus users remain disappointed that PS Plus was cancelled in August 2019.



A reader is disappointed that Sony did not add any new games to PS Plus Premium in August and accuses the company of slacking off.

You may have heard that in July, PlayStation Plus Premium received its first update, consisting of two retro games nobody cares about. Then you might be wondering why nobody told you about the update in August. One obvious explanation is that none existed.

PS Plus Premium members missed out on all of the new retro games that were added to PS Plus Extra. There was a 35-minute Rollerdrome demo, though. It’s bad enough that you didn’t ship with many throwback games, but your pathetic lack of effort this month to increase that number is truly despicable.

There’s no way that the global pandemic or a lack of semiconductors could have caused this. Sony decided when to roll out the new PS Plus, and among the features that aren’t yet available are games that were originally released decades ago but have since been re-released on other platforms. I won’t accuse them of being lazy because I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but it is clear that they are incompetent and don’t value their customers’ time.

The PlayStation Plus service has been split into three tiers: Essential (the old PS Plus), Extra (free PS4 and PS5 games), and Premium (retro games and demos). So far, it seems like working with extra is a good idea. The months of July and August saw a lot of new additions, and while it lacks first-party, launch-day games, it’s otherwise very similar to Game Pass.

Premium, on the other hand, is merely an afterthought; it’s merely PS Now with a new name and a higher price tag, and it seems to have been deliberately designed to lure in die-hard fans who insist on having the best possible PS Plus experience, despite the fact that they would be wasting their money.

The absolute silence coming from Sony has only made the situation more tense. There have been no official updates, interviews, or other signals that anything is going to change soon. Honestly, there isn’t much to suggest that Sony’s entire staff went on vacation in June and hasn’t returned.

Presently, I find myself wondering exactly what a Sony marketing executive is being paid to do. How does a typical day go for them? Enter the office (if they do so at all) and make the decision not to discuss any of their upcoming new games, not to explain what’s going on with PS Plus, not to bother having a proper State of Play, and instead to just relax until November, when they might possibly, maybe, say something about God of War Ragnarök. That has to be the simplest job in the world.

To make matters worse, they are actually making Microsoft’s job easier. Game Pass remains fantastic and gets regular, predictable updates, so no one is upset that Xbox hasn’t released a single first-party game this year. Perhaps Premium will evolve in the future, but so far Sony has said and done nothing to indicate this will occur.

Game development is still in its infancy, but Sony seems to be dozing off at the wheel, making mistake after mistake. The people responsible for talking to fans and keeping them updated should not be expected to do previews or demos if the developers are too busy. You should probably fire them all, but it’s hard to tell if that’s already happened.

Authored by: Arthurum, an avid reader

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