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Rebecca Sparks is under fire after surprising her family with a secret baby

Mothers wonder what to do after witnessing a surprise baby reveal



An argument has been sparked after a mother revealed that she had a surprise baby and explained how she had hidden her pregnancy from her family.

Victoria, who goes by @canadiangirl 2 on TikTok, was recently seen bringing her newborn child home to surprise her family. The caption read, “When you keep your pregnancy a secret and show up with a baby.”

She carried her infant in a front carrier and greeted a member of her family with a “surprise” as she entered the house. The relative responded with a “You’re kidding?”

After entering the house, Victoria uttered the word “surprise” once more before telling a family member about “his new granddaughter.”

The video ends with the grandfather addressing a group of children while wearing a bewildered expression, likely brought on by the exposure of the hidden infant.

Victoria explained in the video’s description that she hid her pregnancy from her family as a way to surprise them with a newborn.

In another video, Victoria shows her son’s grandmother meeting him for the first time, and the grandmother can be seen jumping up and down with a huge grin on her face.

Victoria’s sister-in-law was also introduced to the infant in a third video. The hilarious question about where the baby “came from” was followed by the relative’s heartfelt congratulations to the new parents.

A source close to Victoria told The Independent that she discussed her desire to conceal her pregnancy from Derek after she had experienced two miscarriages.

She explained her motive: “I thought it would be a fun surprise.” To add insult to injury, “I was also having a few very minor issues in my pregnancy,” she said. “My heart was just not ready for the possibility of another loss and having to share that with family.”

As of the 18th of August, a total of over 7.6 million people had watched the three videos, with many of them criticizing Victoria for concealing the existence of her child.

“I don’t understand why people want to hide this from their loved ones. They wish to share in the joy of expecting as much as possible. That’s something I’d be bummed out to miss, one person wrote.

“I would feel betrayed, not trusted,” another said. “But everyone should do what makes them happy.”

Finally, a third person congratulated the happy new parents by writing, “Congratulations on your new family member. Except from the perspective of a mother. Had I known, I probably would have been upset.

Still, many others sided with Victoria and praised her decision, and they kept on congratulating her.

“I hope to be able to do this when I go into labor and surprise everyone by showing up with the baby, lol. Someone commented, “This is adorable.”

The public needs to understand that a pregnancy is primarily between a mother and father. It’s clear that they had a calm, loving pregnancy,” another said.

Many viewers shared their own stories of hiding pregnancies and the criticism they faced from loved ones.

Everyone was upset that I didn’t tell them I was pregnant, as if I owed them that information, so they won’t get to meet the baby.

Victoria added that her secret did not hurt her family, and that everyone was overjoyed to meet the new addition.

“Tyrian is a loved little boy and he is lucky to have so many family members who get to enjoy him,” she said. What most people aren’t realizing is that those 43 seconds were just the beginning of the reactions. At that point, the people involved had barely begun to process what was going on. When the camera stopped rolling, they all surrounded him with affection. I’m overjoyed with how they responded to the incredible experience.

Victoria revealed that she “wore baggy” clothes and didn’t “hide from [her] family” during her pregnancy in a subsequent video.

Victoria explained that the “five miscarriages that were pretty traumatic” were the reason she had kept the pregnancy a secret from her loved ones. Her “four viable pregnancies” were challenging for her, and she shared that information with her family.

She also said that no one was “upset” when they found out about the baby, and that she just wanted some “privacy” during her recent pregnancy.