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RedZone’s Madden 23 winning streak continues

Avoid being outraced by the widest receivers.



Cornerbacks in the NFL must improve their speed to keep up with the league’s increasing number of fast wideouts. Fortunately, Madden 23 features a bevy of lightning-fast cornerbacks to choose from. Additionally, most of these players are relatively young, making them inexpensive additions to your Franchise or Ultimate Team squads. The fastest cornerbacks in Madden 23 are worth a closer look.

If you had Madden 23, who would you say are the fastest cornerbacks?

Even though speed is paramount, there are other considerations when assigning a player’s pace rating. Although top speed is determined by a player’s Speed, their acceleration determines how quickly they can reach that top speed. Not all fast players are good defenders, though. It’s not uncommon to find several of the fastest players who aren’t highly rated because of the relatively minor impact that speed has on an athlete’s Overall rating. Check out this list of the fastest cornerbacks in the league.

One or two people really stand out here. Denzel Ward has more than earned his 92 OVR as a competent CB. But if you want to bring in some fresh blood, players like Eric Stokes and Caleb Farley, both of whom are only 23 years old, come highly recommended. Both in Franchise and Ultimate Team, they would be fantastic targets. It’s important to keep an eye on the fastest safeties and linebackers as you construct your defense.