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Replicator was accidentally turned into a Death Trap

Some players are being executed. It’s a real pain-in-the-ass glitch to try and craft with replicators.



Players of Apex Legends have reported a strange bug that results in death if they use Replicators to craft items.

More research is needed, but it seems likely that the issue is related to Vantage, the most recent Legend game from Respawn Entertainment. Bugs and glitches have already been found in The Legend; one such bug can prevent a player from using Vantage.

On Friday, u/ulwrestler145 posted a video to the Apex Legends subreddit showing a Vantage player using a Replicator to begin crafting. When the Vantage player exits the crafting menu after making one Shield battery and switching to an empty slot to make a Med Kit, they immediately fall through the ground. They keep falling until they hit the death plane, at which point they perish.

In the comments, other players reported encountering various Replicator bugs, such as being forced to crouch after successfully crafting an item. There may be a connection between the two issues, but that has not been confirmed.

Neither of the two bugs have been acknowledged by Respawn Entertainment.