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Respawn releases Apex Legends update addressing a series of bugs and cosmetic skins causing crashes

Respawn fixes glitches, crashes and frustrating bugs in Arena.



A patch from Respawn Entertainment fixed a frustrating fault in Arenas, an aesthetic glitch that caused crashes, and various Vantage bugs. Fans received some much-needed adjustments in a few spots when the patch went live Monday afternoon.

Ironically, the most popular glitch of recent times is not addressed, and a remedy won’t likely be published for another week or so. Players discovered a strategy to surprise their adversaries by hiding in closed supply bins. Except when you’re the one getting decimated, it’s fun to watch.

Coming @PlayApex update Among the fixes in today’s patch are the following ones: Replicate (@Respawn) 22 August 2022

22 August Apex Legends Patch

On sometimes, players in arenas are unable to upgrade their weapons.

When wearing the Seer Heatthrob and Rampart Wastelander skins, collecting a banner results in a crash.

When Vantage uses her tactical jump while knocked, she cannot utilize KO Shield.

After respawn, the vantage range indicator disappears

Due to the need of Vantage’s tactical jump for her kit and the inconvenience of being knocked down without being able to deploy your knockdown shield, both Vantage patches were required. It was frustrating to lose her own equipment after respawning because her range indication made her a lethal sniper.

Leaked audio from Apex Legends appears to reveal the introduction of a new Gun Game mode, which is further Apex Legends news. It gained notoriety in Call of Duty, but the Apex Legends universe may see some changes. It can still take some time until it reaches live servers, based on the data mined voice lines.