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Rosaline First Look: Kaitlyn Dever Finds a Huge Plot Twist in the Original Rom-Com

Director Karen Maine says anyone who has ever been ‘jilted’ or left behind, will enjoy following Rosaline on this fun and unexpected journey.



Spectators haven’t witnessed Romeo and Juliet like this before.

Rosaline, a new film from 20th Century Studios, is a comic reimagining of the famous William Shakespeare romance, this time from the point of view of Rosaline, Juliet’s cousin.

Rosaline, played by Booksmart’s Kaitlyn Dever, is Romeo’s (Kyle Allen) brokenhearted ex who plots to destroy his developing romance with Juliet (played by Isabela Merced).

In addition to Bradley Whitford and Minnie Driver, the cast also features Sean Teale, Spencer Stevenson, Christopher McDonald, and Minnie Driver.

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Rosaline is adapted by (500) Days of Summer’s Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber from Rebecca Serle’s 2012 novel When You Were Mine.

A quote from director Karen Maine to PEOPLE describes Rosaline as “fearless, bucks tradition, and is unafraid to throw caution to the wind in order to acquire what she wants — or, at least, what she believes she wants.”

Maine adds, “Until Romeo meets Juliet, Rosaline is his entire universe, and we all know what happens once those two cross paths.”

She goes on to say, “Rosaline is determined to break them up and win Romeo back any way she can, but communicating in 16th century Italy isn’t as simple as just picking up the phone, so she’s forced to get inventive.”

“Through her endeavors, Rosaline learns new realities about herself, friendship, and what it really means to be in love,” explains Maine.

“I personally identify to Rosaline and her intentions,” the director says, “and I think anyone who’s ever been ghosted or jilted will also appreciate following her on her amusing and unexpected adventure.”

Maine gushes over the ensemble cast, calling them “extremely talented,” and praising how they “are singularly witty and bounce off of each other so wonderfully to re-tell this timeless story in a new and exciting way.”

Also, she says, “the stunning period clothing set against the rolling Italian countryside are nothing short of exquisite.”

“You’ll be giggling and on the edge of your seat throughout this visual and intellectual treat. What we could all use right now is a dose of positivity, and this provides just that “declares Maine.

Starting October 14 on Hulu is the premiere of Rosaline.