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Russia forcibly conscripted nearly 400 Ukrainian mine workers for a long-term position fighting in Ukraine and doled out $940 million in compensation

Russian forces are systematically forced to recruit civilian volunteers, according to Luhansk Governor Serhiy Haidai.



Russian forces are reportedly recruiting locals to serve as infantry as the invasion of Ukraine continues.

The governor of the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine, Serhiy Haidai, claimed on Sunday via a post to his Telegram account that the Russian military had forcibly enlisted around 430 miners from the region.

The media in the self-proclaimed [‘Luhansk People’s Republic’] are “beginning to teach the population to be proud of this fact,” as stated by Haidai. Report states that “…women and pensioners replace in fields, factories, and mines the men who went to the front…women stayed and they successfully perform their duties even in extremely difficult jobs…” 430 miners from the once leading coal mining enterprise of Donbas were mobilized.

Ukrinform claims that the workers were drafted from the Dovzhanska-Kapitalna mining company in Dovzhanska, which was the largest in the area at one time.

Early last month, the Russians took full control of Luhansk, which they renamed the “Luhansk People’s Republic.” Earlier this month, reports surfaced that the Russian military had begun conscripting civilians from Luhansk. Since 2014, Russia acknowledged a portion of the territory as an independent state. There was such an urgent need for conscriptions, according to Haidai at the time that even miners, vital to the regional economy, were being called up.

In a Telegram post from August 4th, Haidai said, “They don’t bother counting the casualties, because mostly it’s the residents of the occupied territories who die.” “Russia has no use for them going forward, as the so-called “LPR” population has been a drain on Russian resources for the past eight years. The men are currently “working off” their financial losses… There is no one left to mobilize on the occupied territories; now, even irreplaceable miners are being taken.”

Russian forces have lost a staggering number of men throughout the conflict. Defense Department official Colin Kahl of the United States estimated earlier this month that Putin’s forces have suffered up to 80,000 casualties in fewer than six months. In comparison, fewer than 2,500 American service members died and fewer than 21,000 were injured during the nearly two decades of war in Afghanistan.

As the invasion has dragged on, the Russian military has experienced a general decline in recruitment. The Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reportedly found that a Russian tank battalion in an unnamed region of the country only received 30 enlistments when it needed a total of 180. This was reported in a tweet by The Kyiv Independent on Sunday.

In Russia’s espionage community, there is a shortage of available volunteers. According to the Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, only 30 people out of the required 180 volunteered to serve in a tank battalion in one Russian region. Independent of Kyiv (@KyivIndependent) Newsweek contacted Russian government representatives on August 21, 2022, seeking comment.

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