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Russia has a different military group that is against Putin, who is supposed to be leader of the nation

The NRA published a statement saying it will oppose the Putin government until it is “destroyed.”



A former Duma member now living in exile claims that Daria Dugina, the daughter of a powerful ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was killed in a car bombing on the outskirts of Moscow orchestrated by the so-called National Republican Army (NRA).

According to former Russian state deputy Ilya Ponomarev, who appeared on his Russian-language opposition TV channel “Utro Fevralya” in Kyiv, Dugina, 30, was killed by Russian partisans from the NRA. Both Dugin and his daughter, he claimed, were in danger.

The daughter of Russian political commentator Alexander Dugin, who is widely believed to have been a key architect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, was named Dugina.

Who or what is Russia’s “National Republican Army”?

Ponomarev claims that the anti-Putin group, which had no public profile prior to Dugina’s death, gave him permission to issue a “manifesto” on their behalf via the Telegram channel he runs, called “Rospartisan.” The group claims to be made up of “now fighters and partisans” from the Russian political, military, and activist communities.

Ponomarev claimed the NRA approached him after he became the lone deputy to vote against Crimea’s annexation in 2014. It is claimed that the group explained to him that it was fighting Putin’s government.

“Rospartisan [Telegram] channel, which reports on the growing wave of resistance in Russia, has allowed us to make contact with NRA fighters. The NRA activists gave me permission to read their manifesto today “The man spoke thusly:

According to the NRA’s purported statement, its members are opposed to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was labeled by the NRA as “a usurper of power and a war criminal who amended the Constitution, unleashed a fratricidal war between the Slavic peoples, and sent Russian soldiers to certain and senseless death.” Security officials and other government employees in Russia were also labeled “accomplices of the usurper” in the document.

The NRA has threatened Russian officials with “destruction” if they do not resign and has stated that its goal is to “overthrow” and “destroy” Putin.

Furthermore, the group announced its readiness to attack Russian military facilities and demanded that the Russian government’s security forces and armed forces disarm and refuse to obey criminal orders.

The NRA issued a rallying cry to all Russians, urging them to join the movement and replace the disgraced tricolor flag with the “white, blue, and white flag of the new Russia.”

“You can fight like us, with us, or even better than us no matter where you are. Purify our home country! The outcome will be in our favor “According to Ponomarev, the NRA made the following statement.

All those who have been unfairly imprisoned by Putin’s government will be released “after victory,” as the NRA has pledged to do.

Ponomarev said of the Sunday car bombing, “There are wonderful Russians” who “have done their job.” The National Republican Army is responsible for this incident, as they are for the many other partisan acts of direct action that have occurred on Russian soil in recent months.

He went on to say that his NRA “comrades” have his full support.

“I urge everyone who is prepared to fight ‘Putinism’ not with words, but with action, to join our ranks,” he said.

The Russian Investigative Committee stated on Sunday that they had concluded that the explosion that killed Dugina in the Moscow suburb of Velyki Vyazomy was not an accident.

According to the investigation committee’s statement, “considering the data already obtained, the investigation believes that the crime was pre-planned and was of an ordered nature.”

Press outlets have reached out to Russian and Ukrainian officials for comment.

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