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Schiff urgently calls for transcripts of witness interviews in the Trump-Russia investigation, saying it could give Trump’s lawyers a ‘road map’ to derail the investigation

Some members of the government have said that unsealing the Mar-a-Lago search would be dangerous.



Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, told CNN that releasing the search warrant for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate would help the president’s legal case.

Using this data, “Trump lawyers could have a road map into how to intimidate witnesses,” Schiff said.

According to a former Department of Justice official who spoke with CBS, secrecy is necessary to prevent damaging the investigation.

Some officials have warned that revealing too much about the ongoing legal proceedings could damage the investigation and benefit former President Donald Trump’s defense, despite calls for the Department of Justice to unseal the affidavit that laid out the rationale to search Mar-a-Lago earlier this month.

Senator Adam Schiff said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the Justice Department “makes a powerful case that, at the early stage of the investigation, when it could jeopardize the pursuit of justice, this is not the time to be giving essentially the Trump lawyers a road map into how to intimidate witnesses or how to derail a legitimate investigation.”

The president has been known to accuse anyone who blows the whistle of treason, he said.

According to The Washington Post, Trump has been pushing for the release of the affidavit in the hopes that it will galvanize his base and provide him with more fodder with which to attack the Justice Department.

The Justice Department has argued against unsealing the documents, claiming that the investigation “implies highly classified material” and that making them public “would likely chill future cooperation by witnesses.”

It was reported last Thursday that Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart is leaning away from keeping the entire affidavit under seal, though he has not yet decided what details will be made public.

Reinhart has requested that the Department of Justice submit proposed redactions for the affidavit by this coming Thursday, after which he will make a final decision on what information will be made public.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have demanded the Department of Justice hand over the affidavit, and former DOJ official David Laufman, who investigated Hillary Clinton’s emails, has said there could be consequences to releasing the affidavit. Laufman agreed with the DOJ’s position that it is best to keep the documents under wraps for the time being in order to prevent any damage to the ongoing investigation.

Laufman said on Sunday’s “Face the Nation” on CBS News, “There are sometimes classic collisions between two coordinate branches of government.” “Legislators should probably wait until the investigation is complete before making any decisions about it. That is precisely what this is. To me, the fact that it involves sensitive material is not grounds for immediate intervention by the House Intelligence Committee.”