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Two Point Hospital is funny, unusual and also happens to be a quality title.



The success of the Xbox Game Pass service can be attributed in large part to the large library of games available to subscribers; Two Point Hospital is no exception. The newer game, which serves as a spiritual successor to 1997’s Theme Hospital, was a smash hit with gamers thanks to its engaging and offbeat gameplay.

Many dedicated simulator gamers have probably already played through Two Point Hospital, which has been available on Xbox Game Pass for quite some time. As Two Point Hospital is scheduled to be removed from Game Pass in the near future, subscribers who have not yet played it would be wise to do so.

An Overview of Two Point Medical Center

Two Point Hospital, created by Two Point Studios and published by Sega, was released in 2018 for PC and will see a console release in 2020. Over the top and hilarious, Two Point Hospital puts players in charge of building and expanding their very own hospital.

Players begin with almost no resources and have complete freedom to design their hospital however they see fit, allowing them to cater to a wider variety of patients. Once players have built up a sizable hospital, the bulk of the gameplay involves making a profit by correctly diagnosing and treating patients who have a wide range of comical illnesses.

Careful hiring of a diverse staff is also essential to the smooth operation of a player’s hospital, as different applicants bring a wide variety of skills to the table that can be combined in whatever way best serves the player’s establishment. Two Point Hospital introduces players to a smaller, less crowded hospital before letting them move on to larger, more complex facilities, which adds a new level of difficulty to the game.

The Two-Point-Hospital-On-GamePass

It has been reported that Two Point Hospital, which has been part of Xbox Game Pass for a while, will soon be removed from the service. On August 31, along with a long list of other prominent games, Two Point Hospital will be removed from Game Pass.

The Two Point Campus is now available on Xbox Game Pass, which is good news for anyone who enjoys the wildly successful Two Point formula. Campus is a management simulation game with gameplay similar to the departed Two Point Hospital, in which the player is tasked with guiding the expansion of a university to ever more populous and illustrious locations.

It’s a testament to Two Point Hospital’s appeal and success that the developer, Two Point Studios, appears to be working on a sequel. Fans still have until the end of the month to grab Two Point Hospital off Game Pass and give it a whirl before it disappears forever. BAFTA’s nomination for Two Point Hospital in 2019 is further proof of the game’s high quality and popularity. Two Point Hospital’s curated simulation mechanics serve as a solid foundation, and the game’s visually appealing art and comedic themes make it all the more worthwhile to check out before it’s removed from Xbox Game Pass.

All of the above consoles and computers can now play Two Point Hospital.

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