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Setup a cross-progression system in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 will support an in-game cross-progression system.



Cross-progression for Overwatch 2 has been confirmed by Blizzard, allowing players to transfer their skins, battle passes, and other items from PC to consoles and vice versa.

Developers for Overwatch 2 noted in a blog post on the official Overwatch website that players would be able to combine their PC and console Overwatch 2 accounts into a single account, making progression and in-game cosmetics accessible on all platforms, including PC. This covers settings, ranks, and gameplay statistics.

Players may now freely swap between the three Overwatch 2 platforms thanks to this. Additionally, it means that players may simply organize parties with friends as the game is planned to be free to play.

In Overwatch 2, how to set up cross-progression

By going onto their console account and selecting all the accounts they wish to merge, players can already merge accounts. The integration won’t be complete until the October 4 release of Overwatch 2.

One account alone may be combined per platform. Players who have numerous PC accounts must decide which one to combine with the others. One Xbox, PlayStation, or PC account only may be linked to a single login.

Players should be aware that there will be no way to un-merge accounts after they have been formally merged, so they must be sure they wish to merge their accounts before doing so. For anyone who has balanced PC and console gaming over the years, this is still worthwhile.

Will Overwatch 2 build on gains made in Overwatch?

Progress made in Overwatch 1 by PC gamers with a account will be seamlessly carried over to Overwatch 2. To avoid losing all of their progress, console players must begin merging their accounts to before the game opens.

When Overwatch 2 launches, players will be required to have a account, just like other competitive games. To ensure they maintain everything they’ve earned over the years, console users must register and set up their accounts by October 4.

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