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Shania Twain is still going strong at 56 years old—and she’s rocking her epic legs on stage!




This week, Shania Twain performed at a music festival and completely stunned the audience with her powerful voice and amazing stage presence.

The 56-year-old singer was flaunting her strength in a bra top and jumpsuit that revealed her long, toned legs and a glimpse of her sculpted abs.

Shania is a major fan of horseback riding, despite the fact that she hasn’t recently said much about her training regimens.

Let’s go, ladies! After giving a performance at the 2022 Boots and Hearts Music Festival, everyone’s favorite country singer got busy flaunting her long, lean legs and ultra-toned abs on stage.

The “You’re Still The One” singer accessorized with a hefty gold necklace that looked like a lion while donning a pink and orange frock (one can only assume Shania is celebrating Leo season). Shania finished the look with sparkling boots and an orange bra. I’m here to witness her gift of a Barbie doll from the 1970s with a pattern reminiscent of a lava lamp.

It felt “sooo good to be because in my birthplace,” the 56-year-old Queen of Country Pop wrote on Instagram after rocking the stage in Windsor, Ontario, where she was born and raised.

“However, no amount of rain was going to put a halt to our wild party! What a night! I appreciate your everyone being so energetic! And having an all-female main stage lineup to end a festival was even more amazing. Let’s go, girls! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Thanks to her unforgettable Coachella performance with Harry Styles and her recently released Netflix documentary Not Just A Girl, Shania has undoubtedly been on everyone’s mind lately. And it’s completely reasonable to wonder how this monarch finds time for wellness given her hectic tour and performance schedule.

According to Shania, she becomes much stricter with her nutrition when she is on tour, but not excessively so since “you’ve got to live,” she told E! Insider in 2018. She told the network, “As I come closer to touring, I get considerably more disciplined.” “There comes a time when I start cutting back on my green smoothies and on my French fries, but overall I’m extremely conscious of what I eat.”

Shania hasn’t recently talked much about her workout habits, but she certainly enjoys riding horses like the good country girlie that she is!

Here’s Shania having a glam horse moment because she genuinely likes it.

And here she is cuddling with a pal, looking oh-so-wholesome. Is Shania the original equestrian?

The tennis court at her gym, she added, is a terrific spot to work on your cardio back in 2017. It’s nothing for me to play three to five times a week when I’m able to play tennis consistently, which again depends on where I am, she said.

Her little wellness trick was to walk it out when things got too hectic. She added, “Walking is my main thing if I’m going to do shortcuts because I’m traveling and I can’t manage the atmosphere around me or my schedule is too much.” Going off to play tennis when I have a hectic work schedule isn’t always easy, but if I have to go to an appointment, I’ll try to walk there or back.

Run into Shania Twain when she’s power walking to the dentist is a brand-new item on my bucket list.

According to PopSugar, Shania has also struggled with Lyme disease for the past 20 years and discussed it in her documentary.

“My symptoms were pretty alarming because I was on stage feeling really dizzy before I was diagnosed. I was wobbling and worried I was going to tumble off the stage,” she admitted. Every minute or every thirty seconds, I would get these extremely brief blackouts.

Shania even worried that she would become voiceless. But she was able to avert this health issue with the aid of considerable surgery and self-care. An environment without Shania Twain’s music? Far too sad to even consider

Shania, you’re awesome!

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