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She-Hulk was created without legal knowledge, but events led to the series being inspired by legal issues

Jessica Gao, creator of Marvel’s She-Hulk, reveals that the first season of FX’s American Crime Story had an influence on her TV show.



Gao mentioned comedies like Fleabag and Better Call Saul as influences for the Disney+ show in an interview with Variety, but she also disclosed another unexpected influence. The other program that was frequently discussed in the writers’ room, according to her, was American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. “That program did such an amazing job of covering not only the trial but also all the details of what was going on in everyone’s life outside of the courtroom, including the media attention around it. Simply put, everything was very wonderfully done.”

American Crime Story, a true crime anthology series on FX, debuted its first season in 2016. Season 1 covered the events following the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and the ensuing murder trial of OJ Simpson. Each season features a new real crime story (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.). The series spent a lot of time focusing on the highly known trial, but it also took a lot of time to explore the lives of its real-life subjects as they all dealt with the distressing events that had place. Fans might anticipate a similar approach to the legal genre in She-Hulk based on Gao’s statement.

Stepping into the courtroom is She-Hulk.

Although using this kind of meta comedy in a Marvel series may seem out of place, it is a true representation of She-origins Hulk’s in comic books. During John Byrne’s Sensational She-Hulk run in 1985, Jennifer Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany) started to break the fourth wall for the first time. In a recent interview, filmmaker Kat Coiro stated, “She-Hulk has been breaching the fourth wall since well before Deadpool or Fleabag.” Therefore, even before the scripts were produced, that idea was already included into the character. Coiro also hinted that there might be more to these fourth wall breakdowns than first appears.

On Thursday, August 18, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will make its Disney+ debut.