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Singer LLCs shaved six inches off the roof of its 930 Turbo Tribute and is already turning the car into the best one yet

Singer unveiled their 964-generation Porsche 911 and it was styled to be like a 930 Turbo. It was the company’s first car with forced induction, but other cars are expensive to make.



Singer Vehicle Design debuted the Turbo Study in February; it is a 964-generation Porsche 911 that has been customized in the manner of a 930 Turbo, but without the death wish. The forced induction device was the California-based company’s debut creation, and it appeared flawless, as do all Singer projects. Like previous Singer projects, it was not perceived by most people as being “cheap.”

You will soon have the option to decide whether you would prefer your Turbo to have a roof or not if your financial situation allows you to budget for both a Porsche and a Porsche that has been redesigned. Singer recently unveiled the first pictures of a cabriolet model. This Turbo is a new Singer, so I’m naturally inclined to publish pictures of it even though there isn’t much that distinguishes it from the previous one we saw six months ago, save from the situation with the roof, of course. There’s a reason why you can never have too much of anything!

The soft top is shown here both up and down.

Singer chose a particular visual texture for the interior upholstery, as you can probably notice even from the exterior photos. Although it uses all the same colors, it isn’t exactly the distinctive GTI plaid. I’m very that plaid seats make every car better after once seeing a similar cloth in a Mercedes CLK-GTR.

By the way, have a peek at the little smartphone mount that is located directly in front of the shifter. To keep your device firmly in place, I presume there is a magnet or some other mechanism below the surface. That’s a smart concept because it gives the 964 a modicum of modernity without destroying the original look with a gargantuan touchscreen. After all, the Turbo Study was designed to be a more cozy Singer that was made for cruising.

Singer frequently engages in the annoying practice of many automakers of revealing all of their newest initiatives in computer-generated form. But in this situation, I don’t even really care because the company’s renderings always appear delicious. possibly superior to real life! That’s fortunate because you’ll almost certainly never see one in person.