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So you can fix the Unable to start game and accept permissions error on Epic Games Store in Saints Row

You may run into the same problem a few times.



It’s important that Saints Row fans who are planning to buy the game from Epic Games Store know about a bug they should look out for. When trying to start the game, you run into this problem. It’s possible to experience this either right after downloading it or after restarting it twice, thrice, or four times. The problem prevents the game from starting, and a message states that you lack the necessary authorization to play the game. For those who have purchased Saints Row from Epic Games Store but then received the “Unable to start the game and accept permissions” message, here’s what you can do to get it working again.

Fixing “Unable to start game and accept permissions”

There is currently no simple solution to this issue. Each time we started the game, we were met with this message. The Epic Games Store is blocking you from playing the game because your account has been flagged as ineligible to play the game. This happens after you’ve chosen your preferred visual settings for the game.

To get around this problem, we had to keep trying to begin play. We’d just dismiss the error message, launch Saints Row from its desktop icon, and give it another go. At some point, we’d get lucky, the game would finish loading, and we’d start playing. You had to be patient and persistent. Try launching Saints Row from within the Epic Games Store program if you continue to encounter this issue. Alternately, you could try restarting your computer to see if that helps, though it’s not a sure thing and you may run into this issue again.

This glitch should go away over time, allowing you to play Saints Row again. Despite this problem, we were able to play the game in its entirety. This was a problem we encountered multiple times, so if you encounter it the first time you’ll likely encounter it again the next time you try to play Saints Row.