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South Australia Wants to Implement Mandatory Training for Supercar Buyers

The proposal also includes a ban on disabling traction control.



Peter Malinauskas, the premier of South Australia, has suggested a new licensing system that would necessitate the completion of specialized training for buyers of high-powered vehicles. The plan also forbids turning off traction control in high-performance vehicles. The proposal was inspired by the 2019 death of a teenage girl in South Australia who was hit by a Lamborghini Huracan.

According to, the Premier’s plan is aimed at “high-powered super sports cars.” The aim is to force owners of high-horsepower cars to go through additional training in order to receive permission to drive them on public roads, though we don’t have access to any specific language outlining what vehicles this would apply to. The program is modeled after the additional education and permits needed to operate a commercial vehicle in the United States.

Following the Lamborghini driver’s acquittal for killing young pedestrian Sophia Naismith, the state is also pushing to enhance the penalties for risky driving. According to, the driver admitted to driving without a license.

Malinauskas stated that driving supercars with high horsepower like a Lamborghini requires a “high degree of driver ability” in a taped statement shared by 7News Adelaide on Twitter. With the new strategy, he hopes the government will be able to verify that a driver possesses such abilities before allowing them to operate a supercar.