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Spelunkers Rescue 13-Year-Old Dog From Cave Months After She Went Missing

It took about an hour to get the dog out of the cave before she was returned to her owners.



A family’s 13-year-old dog went missing for about two months, and they were shocked to find her alive and well on August 6 after being rescued from the Tom Moore Cave system in Perry County, Missouri.

One group’s planned Cave Research Foundation project weekend became a rescue operation when they located Abby, who had been missing since early June.

Abby’s owner, Kathy Bohnert, told a CBS affiliate station that “it’s hard to believe, she’s been gone for so long.”

Missouri’s Caves

The agency noted, “Caves are identified as either commercial or wild.”

While commercial caves have been modified to accommodate tourists, wild caves have retained their natural state.

Children in the group of Cave Research Foundation members who had originally intended to survey and map out the caves changed their minds after meeting Abby.

“Frosty and Soggy”

According to caver Rick Haley, who has about 32 years of experience, they did a physical examination to check for injuries, which was reported in Newsweek.

It was obvious that she was malnourished, he said, because she was shivering and covered in mud. Her long, pointy fingernails suggested she hadn’t done much rambling.

Additionally, according to Haley, the region received extremely heavy precipitation.

When it became clear that Abby could not make it out of the cave on her own, she was placed in a duffel bag and taken outside.

Eventually, Haley told KFVS, the dog “walked over and sat in the bag” after she took the blanket out of the bag. The dog must have thought, “This is the driest, warmest, softest thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m just going to lay on it,” because that’s exactly what he did.

He told Newsweek that retrieving Abby from the cave took around an hour, but that they were careful and in no rush.

At one point, Abby had to be passed through a series of vertical squeezes because the cave ceiling was so low.

Haley mentioned that Abby did have a collar on, but there was no identification of any kind. An experienced caver named Gerry Keene took a picture of Abby on his phone and canvassed the neighborhood, asking people if they knew the dog.

Haley said he tracked down a neighbor who positively identified Kathy and Jeff Bohnert as Abby’s owners.

Upon retrieving her from the cave, her owner “was pretty astonished,” he said.

After receiving no response from a Google search, Newsweek decided to contact Gerry Keene and Jeff Bohnert for their thoughts.

A touching reunion between a pet and its owner is nothing new.

A video of a cat who recognized its former owner after living with a new family for years went viral on Reddit.

After being missing for 11 years, one dog is returned to its family. Another dog that had fallen off a boat made it to shore after two days of swimming.

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