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Sterling Mahomes looks absolutely adorable as she celebrates her first birthday

Sterling got to celebrate his 1 1/2 birthday and with that, many of her photos were taken in her dad Patrick’s induction into the Texas Tech Hall of Fame.



This past weekend, Sterling Mahomes celebrated her first birthday and made an appearance while wearing the cutest pink Chiefs gear. Brittany Mahomes, the baby’s mom, posted some pictures of her daughter at her father Patrick’s induction ceremony for the Texas Tech Hall of Fame.

Aside from her daughter’s first birthday, she also shared the news that her father had been inducted into the Texas Tech University Hall of Fame. Simply the greatest day ever

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In honor of the Chiefs, Sterling donned a hot pink tee and a bow to match. She is seen holding hands with her parents, snuggling with them, and even playing with a miniature version of the sport she loves, football. The little girl has been seen cheering for her dad at football games, complete with matching red bows to show her support for his team.

Sterling is only 1 and a half years old, but she is already a powerhouse. In an interview with ESPN from earlier this year, Patrick talked about his daughter, saying, “It’s been awesome, you know.” The point where she can almost walk has been reached. A distinct character trait of hers is her personality. She is very good at rejecting requests. Okay, that squares with what I’ve heard!

The quarterback speaks extremely highly of his wife and the way she handles being a parent. The experience has been “amazing,” Patrick said on TODAY. “Brittany’s a champ, she’s the best mom ever, and I can’t wait to see (Sterling) grow and take on new challenges every day.” Sometimes I don’t know what to do when she’s crying and Brittany is out doing something, like shopping or taking a shower. Those times, thankfully, have been few and far between.

The three-person family is about to become a family of four. Brittany’s soon-to-arrive child will be a boy. Sterling was seen in the photo holding a sign that read, “Big Sister Duties Coming Soon,” which was one of the captions she included. The parents shared an elaborate gender reveal video on social media, complete with a rainbow of paint and balloons. Baby boy is already so loved, Brittany wrote.

We can’t wait to be a part of this wonderful family’s future and witness all of their future achievements.

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