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Stranger Things demonstrates the potential of Jamie Campbell Bower’s performance in Twilight

Jamie Campbell Bower’s role as Vecna proves he can play a great villain, but it is sad that the Twilight Saga wasted his part as Caius.



Vecna, the terrifying villain of Stranger Things Season 4, proved that Jamie Campbell Bower could play a truly chilling villain who believed his supernatural powers made him superior to everyone else. Twilight made no attempt to achieve this. Caius was designed to be a monstrous figure, just like his fellow Volturi member Marcus, who cared little for human or vampire life. This, however, was never conveyed in the film adaptations of Twilight, in which the traditionally bloodthirsty Caius appeared to be dozing off for the majority of his scenes.

A Wasted Opportunity: Caius’s Time in the Twilight Saga

According to the Twilight canon, Jamie Campbell Bower’s character is a cruel, murderous monster; however, in the film adaptations, he is portrayed as a cold, distant presence and is given less screen time than the rest of the underutilized Volturi. Aro, played by Michael Sheen, the coven’s leader, has a few opportunities to chew the scenery, and even tragic hero Marcus has his moments. Campbell Bower was completely underutilized in the film adaptations of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Caius may have lacked any particular supernatural abilities due to Aro’s lust for power, but he more than made up for it in the Twilight novels by being particularly remorseless; the character personally oversaw the attempted eradication of werewolves after having a single encounter with a werewolf in his youth.