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Student shot dead in Alabama woods by woman living in violent, off-the-grid community

A Florida college student was shot dead by an Alabama woman who was living off the grid in the woods, according to police.



According to investigators, an Alabama woman who was living off the grid in the woods shot and killed a Florida college student.

According to a statement from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened on August 14 as Adam Simjee, 22, and his girlfriend Mikayla Paulus were vacationing close to Cheaha State Park when they pulled over to assist what seemed to be a woman who needed help with her automobile.


Yasmine Hider was shot multiple times in the torso after pulling out a gun, and Simjee responded by pulling a gun of his own, according to WBRC 6. Simjee was also injured in the back during the exchange of gunfire.

The sheriff’s office claimed in the statement that “the initial investigation revealed that a second black female suspect was present during the robbery and had fled the scene on foot after the bullets were fired.” Krystal Pinkins was named as the second suspect.

The statement continued, “Over the course of the following few hours sheriff deputies obtained information that they may be a group of individuals ‘living off the grid’ someplace in the [Talladega] National Forest. This group of individuals was said to be armed and aggressive.

In the Talladega National Forest, a large number of tents had been erected “in what appeared to be a base camp,” according to a statement from the police tracking team. According to investigators, the camp was about 0.5 miles away from the homicide scene.

The statement claims that as law enforcement authorities approached the camp, they saw a second woman standing close to the tents. A 5-year-old went after the officers while carrying a loaded shotgun as they ordered the female to the ground. According to the statement, despite officers’ commands for the boy to drop the gun, he continued to rush in the direction of the woman who was holding it until finally complying. Pinkins was eventually revealed to be the mother of the child.

One case of murder, two counts of kidnapping, two counts of robbery, and Pinkins’ additional charge of endangering the welfare of a child were all leveled against Hider and Pinkins. Pinkins is still being held at the Clay County Detention Center on bond, while Hider is recuperating from her surgeries in a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, under the supervision of sheriff’s deputies.

Paulus’s mother, Heather Lambert, told WBRC 6 that she is grateful that her daughter’s lover had a gun and had shielded her before he passed away.

Mikayla had pulled off her shirt to stop the bleeding, called 911, and was giving him chest compressions, Lambert said. “I don’t know how Mikayla didn’t get shot in all of that, but she had done all of that.” Although it took them at least 30 minutes to arrive, she believes he was alive for at least 20 minutes. Without the gun on him, I’m not sure what would have occurred.

Simjee was laid to rest on Saturday, according to Paulus, 20, who posted on social media. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER.

I’m so happy that he was surrounded by so much love as he was brought down to earth, Paulus said. “I’m sure I’ll run into him in the next life. He was and will always be my soul mate.”

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office was approached by the Washington Examiner for a response.

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Author at first: Asher Notheis

Original Location: A woman from a dangerous, off-the-grid village shot and killed a student in Alabama woods.