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Sunglasses are made from the same material as car hoods to protect people nearby

Atelier Jalaper watches and the hood of a DB5



There are numerous well-known automobiles from films, including “Eleanor,” “Doc’s” DMC-12, “The Bandit’s” Trans-Am, and “Bullitt’s” Mustang. There aren’t many cars from the movies that are still desirable and well-known 60 years after their debut. It seems like every six months there’s a new take on the car or something related to the car, despite the fact that Aston Martin only produced 1,020 DB5s between 1963 and 1965. The latter category now includes Atelier Jalaper, the newest addition to the field. Two gentlemen came up with the plan to make a watch out of a piece of a classic automobile. Bond was voted for on Instagram, and the AJ-001 and AJ-002 watches are based on the Jaguar E-Type, AC Cobra, Ferrari F40, and Aston Martin DB5.

The first step on the path was a successful Kickstarter campaign. In spite of having the necessary funds at their disposal, it took the company’s two founders a full calendar year to track down a genuine DB5 hood. Atelier Jalaper used Aston Martin Works’ two-hour verification service for the hood, which yielded a 20-page report on the Silver Birch unit’s authenticity.

Research The men decided on a specific make (Cadillac, for example) and traveled to Switzerland to locate the engineers and watchmaker who could transform the metal into a timepiece. The engineering included things like lasering texture into the dial, which took 58 minutes, and flattening the hood so that the metalworking marks and patina of the raw steel showed through. The mechanical components of the watch include a Miyota automatic movement that can be viewed through the see-through back, numerals styled after the DB5’s odometer, and your choice of two complications. Day and date information can be found on the AJ-002, while the AJ-001 only includes the date. You can get either one with a shiny steel case or a more understated matte black PVD finish. Each of the 600 pieces in the run will have a unique serial number engraved into the left side button; if the number they want is available, they can purchase it.

The stainless steel AJ-001 starts at €800 ($814), while the black PVD AJ-002 costs €1,150 ($1,170).

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