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Swimming in tidal pools raises £100,000

Adrian Sarchet is aiming to swim 41 miles in his challenge at the Guernsey’s Bathing Pools.



More than £100,000 was raised through a 24-hour swim challenge for public tidal pools to provide wheelchair and assistance access.

Adrian Sarchet plans to swim 41 miles in total during the challenge, which will take place at Guernsey’s Bathing Pools on August 20 and 21.

The £150,000 goal is divided in half by the £100,000 pledged for the Sea Donkey 24 Hour Swim Challenge.

Vive La Vallette, which has upgraded the pools, and Guernsey Disability Swimming are the organisations that profit from this.

The La Vallette tide pools date back to the Victorian era.

The swim, which was scheduled to begin at 15:00 BST, was described by Mr. Sarchet, also known as the Sea Donkey, as “likely to be the hardest swim I will ever accomplish.”

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