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Ten Wrestlers Who Changed Promotions And Fell Off The Map

When these wrestlers left one promotion for another, they found that the grass is not always greener on the other side.



There is a time and a place for everything, as the old adage goes. Formerly popular wrestlers may not fare as well in the modern era. The same holds true for famous people who switch jobs. Companies that focus on professional wrestling are all unique. For better or worse, every promotion has its own unique characteristics.

A truly great wrestler will have no trouble winning over any crowd, but not every performer can make the jump from one promotion to another. There were a lot of successful wrestlers who went downhill after leaving their original promotion.


It’s no secret that Bret Hart was one of WWE’s biggest stars. Everyone loved him, and he was a fan favorite. Hart left WWE for financial reasons in 1997. WWE Champion Bret Hart was scheduled to defend his title against Shawn Michaels at that year’s Survivor Series. However, Vince McMahon did not want that to happen, so he had the match ended in Michaels’ favor by the referee and the belt was taken away from him.

Unfortunately for The Hitman, his time in WCW was not as iconic as he had hoped. WCW seemed to waste his time and talent over the course of several years. Hart did not accomplish much during his time in WCW. Goldberg’s swift kick ended his career, too.

Walker, Braden

To sum up Braden Walker’s tag team career in Impact Wrestling, it was outstanding. Back in 2008, he signed on with WWE to be part of their ECW division. In ECW, however, Walker failed to make a significant impact. He debuted for the company, wrestled three times, and was cut a month later. Chris Harris, his ring name in Impact Wrestling, helped him win the NWA Tag Team Championship seven times.

Dr. Steve Williams

Once a rising star in All Japan Pro Wrestling, Steve Williams eventually defected to WWE. Jim Ross, a close friend of Williams’, predicted that Williams would become a huge star during the Attitude Era. Williams’s first appearance in WWE was at the infamous Brawl For All. Because they had such faith in Steve, they gave him the money he would win in the tournament up front. Williams’s run at the main event was cut short by Bart Gunn, unfortunately.

Incredibly Cool Mike

After winning the ECW title in 2000, Mike Awesome signed with WCW. The very first night he arrived, he began an assault on Kevin Nash. At the time, Awesome was the subject of numerous news stories, and WCW had a golden opportunity to launch his career to new heights. Instead, they saddled him with cringeworthy catchphrases like “The Fat Chick Thriller” and “That ’70s Guy.”


It’s a shame that WWE didn’t see Raven’s potential when she was still with them. In ECW, he was so dominant that the promotion named him its World Heavyweight Champion. After Raven’s return to WWE in the year 2000, it was obvious that he was being underutilized once again. Raven even once shared a tale of Vince McMahon being unaware of his signing with them. McMahon had no idea that Raven had outgrown the Johnny Polo persona.

Page, Diamond Dallas

WCW was instrumental in Diamond Dallas Page’s rise to fame in the business. He was a fan favorite and one of their biggest babyfaces. DDP joined WWE after the demise of WCW. The Undertaker was the focus of his first story arc. Undertaker’s ex-wife Sara was stalked by a man named DDP.

This just wasn’t the sort of plot that would win over a professional wrestler. It’s not hard to see that WWE was entirely to blame for DDP’s ill-fated run there.

It’s Damien Sandow, of course!

Although his time in WWE wasn’t without its flaws, Damien Sandow was able to stand out thanks to a variety of well-received gimmicks. He was the first player to win the Money in the Bank briefcase but fail to cash it in. It was inevitable that it would be John Cena.

After not getting much of a chance to shine in WWE, he signed with Impact Wrestling, but the company was unable to do much with him. In the end, Aron Rex was a tragic figure who could never recover.


EC3’s career took off after he left WWE in 2013. In Impact Wrestling, he was phenomenal, winning the World Heavyweight Title twice. Things started to go badly for EC3 in 2018 when he decided to leave the promotion and return to WWE.

WWE was at a loss for how to use him and kept trying new things. Plans were made to promote him as a babyface, but he was met with lukewarm support from the audience compared to Dean Ambrose. A lot of wrestlers in 2020 got the boot, and he was one of them.

Pro wrestler Ric Flair

WWE gave Ric Flair the ultimate farewell at WrestleMania 24. Flair was allowed to wrestle during his farewell tour so long as he didn’t go down in defeat. Before facing Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24, he won matches against a number of other wrestlers.

For Flair’s retirement, this was a perfect fit. However, by signing with TNA, he effectively destroyed this facet of his legacy. With the exception of his work with Jay Lethal, his entire TNA stint was terrible.

Blayze, Alundra

Alundra Blayze was significant to WWE’s women’s division in the 1990s despite not being a top star at the time. In 1995, after Blayze had been let go from her contract, she appeared on Nitro while holding the WWE Women’s Championship and promptly threw it in the trash. Due to the extreme controversy surrounding this segment, Blayze was banned from WWE for a full two decades. Because of Eric Bischoff, Blayze was compelled to film this segment despite her reservations. She went on to say that the segment was the end of her wrestling career.