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Tesla warns owner not to test FSD with children

Tesla just raised the price on their family subscription registration but in order to test it out, users only have to sign a waiver.



Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” driver assistance system will now cost $15,000, marking the company’s second price increase for the contentious product in 2018.

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In a tweet published on Sunday, CEO Elon Musk announced that the price increase for North American customers would take effect as of the following Monday, September 5. For purchases made before that time, he wrote, the current price of $12,000.

Even though it’s called “Full Self-Driving,” Tesla’s FSD still requires human oversight and doesn’t actually make the company’s vehicles autonomous. The California DMV claims that the company misleads customers about FSD and its inferior Autopilot system. Two separate probes have been opened by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine if Autopilot is flawed.

Musk, 51, has stated that fixing the company’s self-driving technology is essential to the company’s value. He recently told members of his fan club, “That’s really the difference between Tesla being worth a lot of money and being worth basically zero,” referencing a recent interview.

Late Monday, Tesla stock dropped as much as 2.3%, to $869. This year, the stock price has fallen by about 16%.

Last week, the NHTSA wrote to Tesla about the first of two pending Autopilot defect investigations, asking a number of questions about the company’s methods for enforcing driver engagement and attentiveness, such as the use of in-car cameras. The government agency provided the automaker with a September 19th deadline for a response.

After owners responded to criticism of the cars’ ability to detect pedestrians by posting videos of themselves using their own children as test subjects, the regulator also warned consumers against using real people, and especially children, to test Tesla’s safety features. The NHTSA has been investigating reports of Teslas crashing into parked emergency vehicles and skidding to stops.

As of January, Tesla had already increased the cost of FSD by $2,000. At the end of the second quarter, the company reported that more than 100,000 drivers had access to FSD Beta.

Musk tweeted that releasing FSD Beta to the public and getting Space Exploration Technology Corp.’s massive Starship into orbit are his two top priorities for the year. The privately held firm has developed the spaceship that will carry humans to Mars.

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