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TFT mid-Set Patch Release Date: Set 7

TFT players may be wondering about the release date for Set 7.5 – fans can expect it in mid-September.



Many TFT players are likely curious about when the Mid-Set Patch will be available. The Mid-Set Patch will be released on the PBE servers on August 24, but when it will go live is still up in the air.

TFT, created by Riot Games, is a popular auto chess game in which players assemble a team of units based on League of Legends champions and let them do the attacking for them. As they gather resources and advance their units in level, players strive to field the best possible squad. The quantity varies with each new set because some characters are always being replaced by others. Set 7.5, the next in the series, will be ready for play in a week or less.

The new champions who join the cast in the middle act don’t have any sword skills. There were many types of weapons, but no swords. — Mort the Rioter (@Mortdog) Date: August 18th, 2022

The Release Date of the TFT Patch During the Middle of the Set

On August 24th, the TFT Mid-Set Patch will be released to the Public Beta Environment. Patches are extensively tested on the PBE servers before being deployed to the live game. Sign in with your League of Legends account and grab the PBE client if you want to try your hand at playing on the PBE.

Time of Mid-Set Patch release on live servers is currently unknown. However, patches usually sit in the PBE for two weeks before being released to the public. As a result, the Mid-Set Patch’s expected release date is around September 8.

If Riot Games finds major issues that need fixing before releasing the Mid-Set Patch, the release date could be pushed back. If that’s the case, we can probably expect a drop on or around September 21st.