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The 7th cycling workout of the week Learn how to Cycle mix of various exercises and activities in this 1 hour & 1 minute class

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Looking for a mix of efforts to keep your training interesting? This cycling routine is meant to aid in attaining a number of fitness goals, including the ability to sustain high-intensity work, speedy recovery after intense exercise, and increased VO2max. The varying levels of difficulty add a bit of excitement while also mimicking the range of sensations you’d feel during a real race or strenuous ride.

So, what can we expect next? There will be a 15-minute warm-up, followed by 10 minutes of 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy. Take advantage of the five-minute break, and then settle in for a 12-minute block that alternates between one minute at MAP and three minutes at sweetspot. Next, you’ll rest for five minutes, then work at maximum effort for four, and finally wind down with a five-minute warm-up.

The workout

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Concisely Explanated

While the primary goal of training is to increase fitness or performance on the bike, it is also important to ensure that each training session is enjoyable. This hour on the turbo trainer is packed with interesting and entertaining material.

All of our efforts are geared toward improving the particular facets of physical fitness that we have identified as priorities. These include the ability to recover at higher intensities and the capability of repeating efforts (both of which are useful for fast-paced group rides or races). Our VO2max will be increased, and our ability to work at MAP will be improved (aerobic fitness).

Geek out together

There will be a set of 30 seconds hard followed by 30 seconds easy for the first set of this cycling workout. This part of the workout aims to develop a tolerance to the inorganic phosphate fatigue that results from repeated short bouts of high intensity exercise, much like a 20/40s cycling workout. The cumulative heart rate response from the 30 on/30 off structure is greater than that from the 20/40s structure without reaching VO2max.

After a brief pause for emphasis, we move on to the Under/Overs. They improve our pain threshold and help us recover our Watts Prime (W’) at higher intensities, as discussed in the Under/Overs cycling workout. By the time we’re done with these efforts, our oxygen consumption and heart rate have typically reached their maximums, indicating a maximal aerobic response.

Finally, the MAP in four minutes is beneficial on its own for enhancing MAP performance and VO2max. In contrast, putting in this kind of work at the end of a session that has already elicited multiple fatigue elements can help us perform at intensities closer to our maximums in the closing stages of a crit, road race, or tough group ride. One of the biggest differences between the best World Tour riders and the rest of us is the former’s ability to perform near their best despite having experienced fatigue.

Respect for others, above all else: the golden rule

Focus on the figures. If you go all out too soon, you risk running out of steam before the under/overs or MAP block even begins. Once you have completed this session, you can shift your focus to the higher power zones within each effort block.

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Though more challenging, this cycling workout can be accomplished outside with some careful route planning. The effort blocks are best completed on a flat or rolling circuit without too many technical sections. If that isn’t possible, try to locate 10-, 12-, and 4-minute stretches of rolling road on which to complete the 30-, 60-, and 90-second 30/30, Under/Over, and MAP blocks, respectively, without worrying about recovery time between efforts.

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