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The AFC Champions League terminates its 5th edition in 2022 Fixtures, results, how to watch and broadcast the tournament will be available

The AFC Champions League is a premier club tournament for clubs in Asia.



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Which teams are still competing in the AFC Champions League this season?

After Shanghai Port withdrew due to the COVID outbreak in China, 38 teams continued on to the group stage of the AFC Champions League. In 2021, the field will grow from 32 to 40 participants.

The following squads remain in contention for the championship:

The Area Defined by Clubs Al-Hilal Arabia Saudita Shabab Al-Ahli of the West State of the Arab Emirates The Western Al-Shabab Arabia Saudita Uzbekistan’s Western Region, the Nasaf Qarshi Desert Qatar, West of Al-Duhail West of Al-Rayyan Qatar Al-Faisaly West Arabia Saudita Western Idiot Iran The Western Area of Jeonbuk Automaker Hyundai Korea, South The Eastern BG Pathum United Thailand Regional Government of East Urawa Sapphires in Red Japan This is the East Vissel Kobe Japan How much do the winning teams in the East AFC Champions League get?

Clubs can earn more than just bragging rights by making deep runs in the ACL and eventually winning the tournament.

In 2022, the cash prizes will be distributed as follows:

Result Cash Awards (USD) Successful completion of the first round of the group stage $50,000 Randomization into groups $10,000 Sixteenth Round: $100,000 $150,000 for the quarterfinals $250,000 for the semi-finals Runners-up $2,000,000 Champions $4,000,000

Successive champions of the AFC Champions League

In 2021, Al-Hilal won their fourth championship and established themselves as the most successful club in the competition.