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The Atlantic becomes the next storm to watch, and Gulf system could become next tropical storm

The disturbance we have been following in the extreme southwestern Gulf of Mexico is quickly becoming a tropical depression and possibly Tropical Storm Danielle.



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The disturbance in the far southwest of the Gulf of Mexico that we have been monitoring is on the verge of becoming a tropical depression or even Tropical Storm Danielle. Later today, the disturbance’s theoretical core will move ashore along the border between Texas and Mexico.

Potential Tropical Cyclone Four is the name given to the disturbance by the National Hurricane Center. As a result of the system’s potential to organize and make landfall with gusts of 40 mph or more, they are now able to issue tropical storm warnings for the coast. Without a well-organized center, the system remains nothing more than a disruption.

It is not anticipated that the system will become very powerful, whether it develops into a tropical storm or not. However, boaters and coastal residents should always be up to date on local news.

The National Hurricane Center is keeping an eye on a disturbance that is just coming off of Africa on the other side of the Atlantic. Although there is still a lot of dust and dry air over the tropical Atlantic, the system will have a chance to intensify at least into a tropical depression during the following few days.

The computer forecast models agree that there is a moist enough pocket of atmosphere over a portion of the eastern Atlantic, but the chances are now very slim. When it crosses the water, we’ll be able to control it better and determine whether it pulls in enough moisture.

This system shows that although the Atlantic is starting to wake up a little, there is still a lot of dry air over the tropical waters at this time of year. However, it is gradually fading.

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