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The Bentley Batur Is a 730-HP, $2 Million Limited-Edition Grand Tourer

Just 18 examples will be made, and Bentley says it previews the brand’s future design as it transitions to an electric future.



Bentley’s iconic W-12 engine will be phased out in favor of an electric motor as the company moves into the future. Bentley has released the Batur, a $2 million, 730-horsepower grand tourer, to honor the W-12 and to foreshadow the company’s future electrified vehicles. There will only be 18 of these made, but it’s the most powerful Bentley ever.

To complement the debut of the drop-top Bacalar last year, this is Bentley’s second modern coachbuilt vehicle. In the company’s early days, Bentley only supplied the chassis, and customers sent it to a third-party coachbuilder of their choosing to have the body built. The Batur is handcrafted by Bentley’s Mulliner division, which was founded as a coachbuilder but has since evolved into the company’s in-house customization division.

Since the first Continental GT debuted in 2003, the Batur has been one of the most radical redesigns for the company. Bentley highlights the non-circular headlights and new, lower front grille in their official press release. There’s also a piece of trim that matches the hood and extends to the C-pillar. The Batur’s simple, triangular rear quarter window and the C-pillar set it apart visually from the Continental GT. Similar to Pininfarina-styled coupes from the 1970s, such as the Fiat 130, it is reminiscent of Bentleys from the 1990s, such as the Continental R. Anyone who has sat in a modern Continental GT should be immediately at home in this vehicle’s interior, though the materials and trim are unmistakably different. The 3D-printed 18k gold pieces are the show stoppers.

Bentley’s excellent 48-volt active anti-roll system, rear-wheel steering, three-chamber air springs, adaptive dampers, and an electronic rear-limited slip differential are all borrowed from the Continental GT Speed, as is the rest of the car’s chassis. The transmission is the standard eight-speed dual-clutch found in Porsches.

You probably aren’t shocked to hear that the Batur has sold out and that deliveries won’t start until 2023. Bentley’s first electric vehicle, based on the Batur’s design, will debut in 2026 on a platform co-developed by Audi.