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The cast of ‘Yellowstone’ made headlines recently after a particularly interesting comment from Kelly Reilly was spotted on Cole Hauser’s Instagram

This photo shows the actor in full Rip Wheeler mode.



The fifth season of Yellowstone is now being filmed in Montana, and the cast has been giving viewers behind-the-scenes looks at the set. These images are further escalating our anticipation for the drama’s November 13 premiere. We can’t wait to learn what transpires for the Duttons.

Many of the performers have brought their families to work this summer, including Cole Hauser, who brought his wife Cynthia and their kids. But his most recent post is all about business.

Cole shared a stunning image of himself riding a horse while dressed as Rip Wheeler in front of a breathtaking backdrop. The image’s description read, “The tranquility and peace of Montana’s mountains. I appreciate Any Maschke for fixing my YS5’s poor saddle this year.”

As word of the upcoming season spread, viewers raced to the comments area to share their enthusiasm. One wrote: “I’m keeping track of the days until season 5! It’s 94 days until November 13 in case anyone else wants to join me,” one person exclaimed, while another added, “Dig the guys. Hurry up.” One supporter said, “I’m not sure what I like best, but the view is ideal for us. The horse, saddle, or cowboy, or the mountains.”

However, Cole’s on-screen girlfriend Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on Yellowstone, had the greatest thing to say. In the season four finale, the couple unexpectedly got married. What a day, wrote Kelly. More than 500 people have liked her comment alone, and her fans have responded.

To find out what this means for our favorite Yellowstone pair, we are counting down the days.