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The CDC needs ambitious leadership to accomplish success

Learn how you can get useful information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, acknowledged this week that her organization’s handling of the coronavirus resulted in “some pretty significant public mistakes” and vowed to “pivot” the business in order to better inform the general public.

But the CDC’s main issue has never been with communication. That was its politicalized, haughty leadership that was incapable of speaking the truth. Because of this, no one any longer values the CDC’s advice, regardless of what it may be. With Walensky’s resignation, the remedy begins.

When her organization released instructions for school reopening in February 2021, Walensky assured the public that there had been no political interference. Many school districts adopted remote learning policies as a result of those instructions, which have now proven to be terrible for kids’ education.

Why was this bad choice made? Later emails received through the Freedom of Information Act demonstrate the falsity of Walensky’s assertion. The CDC’s educational policies were utterly permeated with political interference. American Federation of Teachers officials pressured the CDC hard to change school policies so that teachers wouldn’t have to return to the classroom. This union had been a major supporter of President Joe Biden’s election campaign. Walensky faithfully updated the CDC’s policy to reflect the modifications made by her AFT political bosses. Millions of kids were denied access to in-person schooling as a direct result of this political interference, which resulted in significant learning loss.

Walensky’s defenestration is already justified by the harm she did to education. However, there is a ton more.

Walensky also misrepresented the fact that vaccinations prevent the coronavirus from spreading. She covered up COVID data for the general public. She attempted to impose a national eviction moratorium using the power of her agency, but the Supreme Court rejected her request. She initially asserted that there would be a government vaccine mandate, later denied there would be one, and finally backed President Biden’s attempt to enact one, which was also struck down by the Supreme Court.

Should individuals maintain a social distance of six feet or three feet? Dr. Walensky adopted both stances, none of which were ever supported by any real science. Science was also not used in the CDC’s decision to reduce the 10-day COVID exposure isolation time to five days.

The CDC’s ability to do its duties depends on its ability to win the public’s trust. The CDC’s credibility has been damaged by more than 18 months of backtracking and overtly political decision-making. The agency needs to regain that credibility immediately. Holding the organization’s current leadership responsible is the ideal place to begin.

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Author at first: Washington Examiner

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