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The CEO Of Artistic Wire Sent A Viral Crying Photo On LinkedIn And Answered Questions From Staff

On the update post on LinkedIn, one commenter said, “I think it’s time to move on,” and a plethora of commenters have agreed.



But as soon as the message arrived in Wallake’s inbox, he immediately shared the motivations behind his earlier-than-expected post.

“See, I was thinking about life and layoffs and how difficult life has been for a lot of people, especially over the last couple of years, when I was sitting at my desk sobbing. I was familiar with my LinkedIn relationships. Founders, CEOs, business owners, and managers are the majority. solitary jobs. They decide to play those roles, but that doesn’t make them feel any less alone,” he wrote.

He followed by saying that he wasn’t good with words, so he just shot a selfie with his phone and posted it instead. For others who are like this, he said. leaders who are having difficulty with layoffs, whether they are significant or minor. They are heartbroken about it and experiencing a same thing.

He continued, “And honestly, I’d do it again: I’d accept all of the hate, the mean comments, the threats, the mocking images and videos, and the media (most of them) completely misrepresenting my intentions.”

Despite posting an honest update, Wallake received further online criticism as others responded in the comments on LinkedIn.

Why do you want to share this? only serves to validate everyone’s opinion of you. This is sad, but it would be different if the person who provided it to you posted it, a commentator commented.

“I think it’s time to move on, guy,” was another response.

Another response read, “Ah, now I get it. “The true losers from layoffs are the CEOs. I appreciate your explanation.

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