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The couple travels the world full time and here’s how they do it for cheap with their lifestyle

Emanuala Tyminas and Darina Karpitskaya quit their jobs to travel the world. They share what it costs and how they live on a budget.



Ernestas Tyminas, a marketing manager of a newspaper in Colorado Springs, felt “trapped” in his position.

Therefore, he said, he asked for two months off to travel by backpack through Asia, arriving in Beijing in January 2019.

He pointed to Darina Karpitskaya, who was seated by his side, and remarked, “On the first day, I met this one.

The couple claimed they met using the travel app Couchsurfing, which connects lone travelers, in a video interview with CNBC from Dubai. Karpitskaya, a flight attendant at the time, was stopped in Beijing for two days due to mechanical issues with her return aircraft. She was 31 years old at the time.

More single travelers promised to meet that day, but only Tyminas and Karpitskaya showed up.

They agreed to get together again in Asia one month after their first day together.

Karpitskaya went on a “wild one-month journey” to Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines for the couple’s second date, which was a month long, according to Tyminas, 29.

He claimed that he made the decision not to return to his previous life while in the Philippines.

He said, “We were lying on the beach under the stars. We had begun to fantasize about this way of life.

Tyminas claimed that after arriving in Colorado, he left his employment, sold his possessions, and relocated to Europe.

Karpitskaya stated that she wasn’t quite there yet “It initially appeared as though you were quitting your work, oh my God. You are leaving America. It might be too soon. But I also felt like I was leading a life that I wasn’t loving once I returned from that trip.”

Pet in tow

Tyminas traveled from Denver to Paris by plane with Cosmo, an 82-pound Borzoi who was once referred to as the “Russian Wolfhound” and stands over 6 feet tall when standing on his hind legs.

The dog was simply lying on the ground when they offered him three rows of seats, he claimed.

The pair stated they frequently traveled from there, but not yet full-time, to locations like Italy and Iceland.

Then Karpitskaya was offered a position with Emirates Airlines, which she described as her “dream job.” Although she moved to Dubai, the couple still met up and traveled together.

Karpitskaya agreed to take a four-month unpaid leave of absence from her employment after Covid struck.

Tyminas said, “We said: We have four months; we can go investigate whatever is open.

According to Karpitskaya, the group, which included Cosmo, first journeyed to Croatia before slowly seeing most of Europe, including many former Soviet states.

She never went back to work, and the couple has been traveling ever since, according to her.

Travel expenses throughout the world

They first budgeted $1,000 to $2,000 per month, all of which came from savings. Tyminas said they did this by staying in cheap lodging, cooking their own meals, and looking for free activities.

As money started to run out, Tyminas took multiple internet gigs that paid between $2,000 and $3,000 per month, which, according to him, was not far below his Colorado income of $3,300.

However, the task was tiresome and made him feel like he was still employed.

In spite of the fact that “we didn’t know a lot,” as Tyminas put it, the pair chose to launch a marketing and graphic design business.

They claimed to have communicated with thousands of people while frequently working well into the night. Customers can inquire, “Can you design book covers?” How about promoting music? According to Tyminas, he always said, “Of course I can.”

In actuality, he claimed, he was picking up skills on the job while using Google, YouTube, and online research. But he said that customers were overjoyed.

The results, they claimed, were better than they had been previously, and they only paid me half of what they would have spent other marketing firms.

According to him, the couple made $6,000 in the first month. Now, he continued, people can make several thousand dollars a day working for record labels and real estate firms.

Tyminas stated, “We write blogs for people – we do anything.” Plus “We are not required to submit any reports. We manage our own lives.”

The pair claimed that they spent $4,000 on average per month over the previous six months. More than half goes toward lodging, which, according to the researchers, ranges from $3,100 per month in Dubai to $1,500 in Lisbon, Portugal. They claimed that they restrict stays in pricey places like Switzerland to no longer than one week.

Booking monthly stays on Airbnb, which lowers average nightly rates and lowers service and cleaning fees, is one method to save money, according to Tyminas. They spent roughly $2,500 that month even though they traveled back and forth to several Christmas markets in Europe the previous year, he added.

Karpitskaya claimed that while they initially paid far less, she did not want people to be alarmed by these prices. They used to spend between 80 and 100 percent of their income, but now, according to Tyminas, “we spend just about 30 percent and save the rest.”

The pair told CNBC that they continue to eat most of their meals at home and travel in a modest manner (no five-star hotels). But they spend more money on things that they document for their YouTube channel Dream Team Travels, which they claim to have learned “fully on their own.

Obstacles in the way

They claimed that leading a life of nonstop travel wasn’t all fun and games.

They come across filthy Airbnbs and hosts who abruptly cancel reservations. In addition, their possessions were attempted to be stolen from their car in Barcelona while they were inside it, as well as their camera gear and clothing, once in Mexico and most recently in France.

According to Tyminas, they have also considered settling down once they find a location they truly adore, such as the beaches of Portugal or the French Riviera.

Then, he continued, “we drive somewhere else, and we say, ‘This place is likewise just as excellent.

Tyminas sent a message to CNBC through email informing them that they had temporarily halted traveling when Russia invaded Ukraine and soon occupied the Kherson region, where Karpitskaya’s parents reside.

We didn’t even leave our flat for the first few weeks, he admitted. We spent a great deal of time organizing transportation for both individuals and several dogs from shelters to be removed from unsafe areas and adopted in Europe.

By the summer, they were back on the road again, but they were still assisting with the evacuation of Karpitskaya’s family.

Darina’s parents were eventually able to leave Ukraine just one week ago, according to Tyminas, who added that they are now staying with his family in Lithuania. We traveled to Romania as well to bring Darina’s sister and her five-month-old child across the border to live with us in Germany.

According to them, the pair is currently in Malaysia and will spend the next two months traveling throughout Southeast Asia.