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The Drug Enforcement Administration issued a cannabis cultivation license for research

Maridose, LLC, a Maine-based pharmaceutical company that specializes in cannabis, which has recently been passed for legalization, has received a license from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA



The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Department of Justice granted Maridose LLC, a Maine-based pharmaceutical firm with a cannabis focus, a license to produce cannabis in large quantities for the purpose of providing marijuana, cannabis extracts, and THC to researchers.

Maridose is the sixth business to get such a license, and it is on a mission to offer customers top-notch goods that address significant health and wellness issues.

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The license, according to Richard Shain, CEO of Maridose, “represents the fruit of more than five years of working with the DEA and enables Maridose to legally sell a wide variety of cannabis products through the DEA to researchers and DEA-licensed pharmaceutical companies in the United States and abroad.”

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Licenses previously granted by the DEA

The DEA stated that it had “taken a significant step to improve chances for medicinal and scientific research” at that time. The DEA did not grant another license for cannabis bulk manufacturing after that until 2021.

The, or University of Mississippi, Cave Creek, Arizona, Castroville, California, Red Lion, Pennsylvania, and Desert Hot Springs, California are just a few of the seven licenses awarded.

The DEA licensed Irvine Labs in Huntington Beach, California, this year, and Maridose has since followed suit.

The DEA has granted provisional approval to Fort Lauderdale-based Bright Green Corp. to produce cannabis. In May, the firm made news when it was listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol NASDAQ: BGXX.

All researchers conducting cannabis studies must also receive federal government approval before interacting with DEA-licensed bulk manufacturers.

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