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The FDA required the company to stop marketing dangerous and illegal gummies that contain the chemical nicotine

The federal regulatory agency issued a warning to a company that makes an illegal product later on Thursday.



a non-tobacco nicotine product.

The FDA highlighted a recent study revealed that flavored non-tobacco oral nicotine products were among the most widely used tobacco-type products for young people. The report was just published in the journal Pediatrics. The products are viewed as dangerous because minors may easily hide them from adults and because they have flavors that kids like.

Nicotine is extremely addicting and harmful to children. In addition to causing nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, seizures, respiratory failure, coma, and even death, it can impair the growing brain during adolescence. For a child under the age of six, ingesting even little amounts can be extremely dangerous, according to the FDA.

The FDA informs the corporation in its warning letter that it must inform the organization of its intentions for addressing any violations and bringing products in line with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. If the business doesn’t rectify problems within 15 days, it might be subject to fines, seizure, or an injunction, the government warned.

In addition to providing regulatory control of tobacco products, the FDA also works with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the National Youth Tobacco Survey and mass media tobacco prevention efforts targeted at children.

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For additional information about nicotine addiction, visit the American Lung Association.

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