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The FEC throws out the lawsuit filed by a hypnotist that was attempted targeting Michelle Obama’s nonprofit for branding spread the message of tax reform

One of the complaints made to the FEC was filed by Jay Stone, a retired hypnotherapist who has filed numerous complaints with the FEC in regards to 2020 election donations.



and Rhimes but also US soccer player Megan Rapinoe, actress Tracee Ellis Ross, and singer Faith Hill. When We All Vote lists a number of people who are co-chairs of the organization on its website who are also named in the complaint.

retired hypnotherapist Jay Stone, who has filed multiple complaints with the FEC about 2020 election donations, lodged the complaint.

The complaint claimed that When We All Vote “did more to help Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election than the Democratic National Committee,” despite claiming to be a nonpartisan organization.

Stone further claimed that WWAV’s stated goal of “helping Democrat Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election” was “merely a smoke screen for WWAV to achieve its goal of closing the age and race voting gap.”

To put it mildly, the nonprofit’s legal counsel did not think the allegations were true.

Civic Nation and When We All Vote “take their obligations to remain non-partisan very seriously” and “only engage in neutral, unbiased election activities,” per the reply.

After reviewing Stone’s claim, the FEC informed Hanks in a letter dated July 19, 2022, that no evidence existed to back up Stone’s claim.

Michelle Obama, the former first lady, founded a nonpartisan organization called When We All Vote to boost voter turnout. Civic Nation is a public charity, and this organization is one of its projects.

Insider attempted to get in touch with Stone, but he was unavailable for comment.