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The Friendship Issue of the Highlight is a quarterly publication

The American friendship is changing, it’s impacts on culture and society, ways to enhance a vibrant social life, and advice for introverts.



Friendship is losing ground as a social institution, so we asked six people to tell us why their friendship is important to them and why it might be the most significant relationship they have.

Written by Marin Cogan, Alex Abad-Santos, and Lauren Katz

Do you think we’re done being friends? (next week, Tuesday)

As painful as a romantic breakup can be, a platonic one can hurt just as much.

Author: Allie Volpe

The revolutionary political influence of friendship (coming Tuesday)

It can strengthen our resistance to oppression. The philosopher Hannah Arendt held infamous cocktail parties, which proved her point.

Credit: Alisa Wilkinson

Tips for making small talk when you despise it (coming Wednesday)

The much-maligned conversational style is defended.

Credit: Rebecca Jennings

Too many people in the United States reside in areas designed exclusively for automobile traffic, rather than for social interaction. On tap for this Thursday

The role that city planning played in the modern friendship breakdown.

Author: Muizz Akhtar

How to have fun at a social gathering, even if you’re an introvert (coming Friday)

Keeping your social energy levels up is essential.

As written by Eliza Brooke