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The full 2022 Little League World Series schedule is out, covering every game and time

Find full info on the times and channels for every 2022 Little League World Series game.



Young baseball greats of the future are competing in the 2022 Little League World Series today in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This year’s competition marks the 75th year of the event’s existence. For the first time since 2019, it will feature teams from all over the world, so it promises to be an exciting competition.

It’s largely the same. But this year’s tournament has some new twists, most notably the increased field size from 16 to 20 teams. That means there will be more hits, more strikeouts, more web gems, and more happy moments than ever before in the history of the legendary tournament.

The town of Williamsport is expected to be lively. Now that fans are allowed back into the ballpark, there should be more viewers than ever. Spectators are expected to fill the mossy hillsides of Lamade Stadium to get a glimpse of the sport’s rising stars.

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You’ll find the 2022 Little League World Series TV schedule, complete with every game, as well as a complete bracket, right here.

Schedule for the Little League World Series 2022

The double-elimination tournament will feature 20 teams from all over the world to determine which region has the best little league team. That means that even if a team loses its first game in the tournament, it still has a shot at winning the whole thing.

At the very least, each team will compete in three games, with the losers of those contests entering an elimination bracket and the winners progressing in a winner-take-all format. The winners of the U.S. and international titles will square off in a best-of-one game to determine the ultimate victor.

In the meantime, the losing squads from the US and international championships will meet in a combined third-place match.

The tournament bracket is available as a PDF download from the LLWS homepage. Find below the complete tournament schedule as well as the results of every game played.

The 2022 date for the Little League World Series

This year’s Little League World Series will take place from August 17-28, and the championship game will be held at Lamade Stadium, a massive 10,000-seat structure that can hold as many as 40,000 spectators. Start times and broadcast details for the tournament are listed below.

Results from the Game on Wednesday, August 17 1 Antillean 2; Latin American 0; Caribbean 2 New England 3; Southeast 5 West 11, Northwest 1, Canada 7.

The final score from Thursday’s game between Asia and Europe and Africa was 5 to 2. 0 6 Eastern Hemisphere 7 vs. Midwestern 7 8 Mexico 6 Puerto Rico Southern Cone 9, Eastern Hemisphere 3

On the 19th of August, Friday, the game time and opponent will be: (ET) Nine Network Time: 1 p.m.; Caribbean vs. Panama. ESPN 10: Mountain Time vs. Southeast Time 3 p.m. Canada vs. Japan, 5pm ET, ESPN 11. 7 o’clock, ESPN 12 West takes on Metro. ESPN

Time and opponent for Saturday’s game (ET) Channel 13 Down Under vs. BBC World Service & ARTE 1 p.m. It’s 3 o’clock on ABC 14 and the Northwest is taking on the Midwest. On ABC at 5 o’clock, Latin America will take on Puerto Rico. It’s 7 o’clock on ESPN 16 and the New England Patriots are taking on the Baltimore Ravens. ESPN2

Schedule for the game on Sunday, August 21 (ET) Game 9’s loser on Channel 17 takes on Game 13’s victor 9 a.m. Game 10’s loser on ESPN 18 takes on the victor of Game 14 11 a.m. Game 11’s loser faces off against Game 15’s victor at 1 p.m. on ESPN 19. ESPN 20’s Game 12’s loser takes on Game 16’s victor 2 p.m. ABC

Sunday, August 21st, Time and Opponent of Next Game (ET) Game 9 victor Channel 21 Asia-Pacific 1 p.m. ESPN 22’s Great Lakes vs. the victor of Game 10 3 p.m. ESPN 23 5 p.m., Game 7 victor versus Game 11 victor. The winner of Game 8 will face the victor of Game 12 at 7 p.m. on ESPN 24. ESPN2

Timing for Tuesday’s Game and Opponent, August 23 (ET) Game 21’s loser faces off against Game 19’s victor at 1 o’clock on Channel 25. ESPN26’s runner-up from Game 22 versus the victor of Game 20 3 p.m. ESPN 27 will air the loser of Game 23 taking on the victor of Game 17 at 5 o’clock. The victor of Game 18 will face the loser of Game 24 tonight at 7 o’clock on ESPN 28. ESPN

Date and Time of Game on Wednesday, August 24 (ET) Game 21 victor takes on Game 23 victor on Channel 29 at 1:00 p.m. ESPN 30, 3 p.m. EST, victor of Game 22 takes on victor of Game 24. ESPN 31 5 p.m., Game 25 victor vs. Game 27 victor. Winner of Game 26 on ESPN32 faces ESPN32’s Game 28 victor 7 p.m. ESPN

Time and opponent for Thursday’s game (ET) Game 29’s loser faces off against Game 31’s victor at 1:00 PM on Channel 33. Game 30’s loser takes on Game 32’s victor at 3 p.m. on ESPN 34. ESPN

Saturday, August 27th, Time and Opponent of Game (ET) Game 29 winner takes on Game 33 winner in the international final at 12:30 p.m. on Channel 35. ABC 36th US Championship Game 3:30 pm ET, winner of Game 30 takes on winner of Game 34. ABC

Third place game: losers from Games 35 and 36 face off at 10 a.m. ET on Sunday, August 28 on Channel 37. The ESPN 38 Final will pit the victor of Game 35 against the victor of Game 36. 3:30 p.m. ABC

Accessing the Little League Championship Series Online

Radio stations: The ESPN Networks (ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC)

Sports Entertainment Television Networks Live Streaming: fuboTV & ESPN+

Every game from the tournament’s start on August 17 through its conclusion on August 28 will be broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC.

Those who want to watch the games live online can do so via one of several methods. The ESPN network family is available on FuboTV, and a free week of service is provided.

ESPN’s newest streaming service, ESPN+, will also be airing the games.

2022’s Little League World Series Participants

The 20 teams competing in the 2022 Little League World Series are listed below. With the addition of two more American teams and two more foreign teams, the 2019 tournament will feature a total of twenty teams. Since last year’s tournament didn’t include any international teams, this is the first time that the new format will be put to the test.

Across-the-Border Groupings

Location of Regional Team Hispanic World The 14th of September Toy League City of Managua, Nicaragua Caribbean Willemstad, Curcaco, Pabao Little League Australia Brisbane North A Minor League Team from Queensland, Australia Canada Miniature Hill Toy League Location: Vancouver, BC Europe-Africa Regional Capital of the Italian Region of Emilia-Romagna Bologna, Italy’s Minor League Team Asia-Pacific Chinese Fu Lin Little League, Taipei Taipei Panama Candy Cabezas Aguadulce, Panama, Minor League Japan Takaruzaka, Japan’s Little League Latin American Island of Puerto Rico A Little League in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Mexico Matamoros Little League Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico

United States bracket