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The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a natural habitat on our coast in Tybee Island, just north of Savannah, Georgia

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a center dedicated to ocean education and rehabilitation of sea turtles. It is great for families who love the oceans and conservation.



Connecting Dots Both Jekyll Island and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center are great places to learn about these creatures. Sunrise Turtle Walk at the Center Taking a Trip With Dawn Patrol At The Hub Organizing a Trip to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a great option for those looking for something a little different to do in Georgia. The center is fun for the whole family and teaches them valuable lessons about protecting these magnificent creatures. Plan to include this fun activity for the whole family on your next trip to Georgia.

The United States, the Caribbean, and other regions around the world offer a plethora of destinations where tourists can go on organized turtle watching excursions. Tortuguero National Park is a well-known tourist destination in Costa Rica (which is named after the sheer number of turtles that inhabit the park). A highlight of any trip to the Caribbean is witnessing a nesting leatherback sea turtle.

Visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island, off Georgia’s coast, is home to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. It’s a barrier island off the coast of Georgia and also one of the Sea Islands. Georgia, which now owns the island, has turned it into a popular vacation spot. The island is home to a variety of ecosystems, including beaches, sandbars, bike trails, historic sites, wildlife, and inland salt marshes.

First established in 2007 Care and Instruction for Rehabilitated Sea Turtles is the Main Goal.

With a mission to save local sea turtles, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center opened in 2007. Additionally to helping sick and injured turtles, they also aim to teach people about these creatures. They have activities, excursions, tours, and beach walks every day.

There are programs available for children as young as six, as well as those open to people of all ages.

Sunrise Turtle Walk at the Center

The Sunrise Turtle Walk is one of the options (activities vary by season). During this stroll, you’ll learn all about the unique beach ecosystem in Jekyll. As part of the tour, guests learned about the ecological background of the island and the fundamentals of sea turtle nesting and hatching from the guide.

The nest of a newly hatched sea turtle can even be excavated and viewed. The tour will provide information about any wildlife seen, not just sea turtles.

No more than 20 people in a group.

Seating is limited to 20 guests. Participating individuals are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the Turtle Center.

All visitors must arrange their own transportation to and from the Turtle Center. The Turtle Conservation Center’s Availability

Getting Into The Turtle Hospital We will gather at 6:50 in the morning.

6.50 am Time Required: Approximately 1.5 Hours Cost: $32

The minimum age to participate in this tour is 6, so families with younger children should look elsewhere.

Taking a Trip With Dawn Patrol At The Hub

The Sea Turtle Conservancy also provides a Ride with Dawn Patrol. The tour gives visitors a glimpse into the life of a sea turtle field biologist who is responsible for checking on nests every day. View the work of the biologist in guarding the nests, looking for signs of predators, and taking an inventory of the nests.

The morning of the tour is spent patrolling with the sea turtle patrol team via foot and utility vehicles. Participants will leave with first-hand experience with the programs designed to safeguard Jekyll Island’s sea turtles.

People who want to go to the Turtle Center are responsible for getting there on their own. Includes: Entry Into The Turtle Conservation Facility

Getting Into The Turtle Hospital Scheduled Meeting Time: 6:45 AM 3.5 Hours in Length

3.5 Hours Cost: $175

Participants will walk between one and four miles along the beach over the course of this 3.5-hour tour. Like the other tour, this one has a minimum age requirement of six years old for participants.

Organizing a Trip to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is the only facility of its kind in the state of Georgia. The facility features a variety of hands-on exhibits and experiences that allow visitors to witness conservation and rehabilitation firsthand.

The facility welcomes visitors of all ages year-round and provides activities both indoors and out.

Time of operation: 9am-5pm daily

Prices for children 4-12 are $8.00 and adults are $8.00. Pricing: $10.00 $10.00 for ages 13-60; $9.00 for ages 62 and up.

Membership costs $45.00 per person or $140 per family, in addition to the daily admission price.

One need not visit Georgia to observe these reptiles; alternative locations exist. Visitors to Florida can see sea turtles nesting on a number of the state’s beaches.