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The Grove Loop is a hike in Illinois that leads to an historic site This place has been secluded for many years creating the perfect romantic getaway for two people who want to escape reality for a few hours

It might not be a hidden secret that the trail actually leads to a historic site, but you can find out more and come explore. Come learn about this hike through our new article from State!



Now that the secret is in the open, it might not be a well-kept secret after all. From the outside, a route that appears to be ordinary with trees and a path actually holds historical knowledge that deepens the experience. We hope that everyone may benefit from the information out here on the path, even if it is not a secret if we let others know. Take to the trails with your hiking boots!

Learning about the first inhabitants of these regions will improve your understanding of the environment you explore on your numerous day outings. After this trip, if you still want more, you should definitely check out the Palos Hills trail network for additional outdoor activities. Enjoy your hike!

The Grove Loop Is An Illinois Boardwalk Hike That Takes You To A Secret Historic Site originally appeared on Only In Your State.