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An artist shows how they were able to create Forge in Halo Infinite when they created a village based on Minecraft.



Since Halo 3, players have been able to take advantage of Halo’s Forge Mode to create incredible works of art. Unfortunately, 343 Industries has yet to release the mode’s latest iteration for Halo Infinite, and players are getting impatient. In spite of this, some players have already gained access to Forge Mode and have made some impressive creations.

Freelance artist Dan Brindley Johnson is among those showcasing the capabilities of Forge Mode. They recently took to Twitter to show off a build they made with Halo Infinite’s unreleased creation tools. Their work particularly stood out because they replicated Minecraft’s Nether, and the results were spectacular.

An image posted by Dan Brindley Johnson showed a player wielding Halo Infinite’s iconic assault rifle in a setting that looked lifted straight from Minecraft. The only thing that didn’t look like it came straight out of the Nether was the gun. The artist, for instance, fashioned a huge puddle of lava into which more molten stuff poured from above. Additionally, a Nether Portal with a purple glow was included in the Forge-created world, and a massive Ghast floated above the lava.

While this Forge creation certainly stands out, it’s not the only one Dan Brindley Johnson has made that’s inspired by Minecraft in Halo Infinite. Outside of the Nether, they displayed several screenshots of their under-construction Minecraft community. It was impressive that this second work looked so much like Minecraft. The buildings and distant cliffside still retained their blocky Minecraft aesthetic despite the altered textures. Trees made of cubes, a few houses, and a lamppost with torches jutting out of its sides were all visible in the Forge creation. The cliff’s peak features a Nether portal, a design element chosen by the artist.

It’s no surprise that this Forge creation based on Minecraft has garnered the attention of so many players. Dan Brindley Johnson’s tweets about the village and Nether have been widely appreciated by the internet community, with nearly 10,000 “likes” so far. A lot of people have said how cool the creations look, and one player has even expressed hope that Halo Infinite will include Minecraft levels sometime in the future.

Many players will be thrilled to see artists using Forge to create numerous impressive builds before the mode is made available to everyone. Other players with early access to the mode have also shared some interesting creations. One player, for instance, remade the game PT using the game’s Forge Mode. When the feature is released in Halo Infinite, it will be interesting to see what other things are made by the community.

The PC version, Xbox One version, and Xbox Series X/S version of Halo Infinite are all now available.

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