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The locations of where to farm rune in Elden Ring

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In FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, runes are what keep everything moving forward: players use them to level up their characters, buy things, and even fortify materials. Players will probably need to stock up on a few runes during their time in the Lands Between in instead of the souls from the Souls franchise.

Fortunately, there are a few places that players may make use of to maintain their levels (and spirits) while they struggle through the perilous fantasies of this fantasy-filled world. Whether you are in the early, mid, or late game, these three locations are ideal for rune farming.

Elden Ring early game rune farming

You’re still working out the kinks in your backstab-fishing and dodge-rolling, so getting a head start on rune farming will probably help players be stronger for the forthcoming monsters. Fortunately, the first rune-farming location is not too far from The First Step, which is where players exit the tutorial. Just northeast of the Gatefront, where you first see Melina, is a plateau where five enormous trolls can be found plodding around.

To avoid disrupting a boss fight, go during the day and systematically slay these trolls to earn 1,000 runes for each one. Just southeast of the area, there is a funeral procession where the trolls are shackled, making it much simpler to combat them.

Elden Ring midgame rune farming

Players will enter the Royal Capital Leyndell in the middle of the game. Beginning from the East Capital Rampart, enter the city and assassinate each horn-blowing Oracle Envoy for roughly $450 each kill. They fall rapidly, so kill them all and then take a break at the grace to recharge for another round of farming. Don’t be afraid to stock up because this is a risk-free way to gain tens of thousands of runes ahead of the next boss battle at the Elden Throne.

rune farming in late game.

Mohgwyn Palace is still the best place to farm runes in late game. Only accessible in the late game, this dungeon can consistently provide 11,000 runes. Visit the Palace. Take the Ledge- Look west and you’ll notice a large chicken strutting along the road. It will be forced to charge off the cliff if you pull out a bow, stand close to the edge, and shot it.

Return to the grace, take a break, then grind for as long as you can bear it before it resets for another 11k runes. However, players should be aware that each level in Elden Ring does little more than teach players how to fight and use the appropriate fighting techniques. The best approach to advance in a game isn’t by brute pushing your way through fights when a single level only awards a player two or three points in the stats that go along with it.